Sellout: Coalition break election pledge over Europe

In one of the most appalling and outrageous moves of the coalition government yet, Nick Clegg made it plain that they are planning to waive through proposed amendments to the controversial Lisbon Treaty without a referendum.

This is appalling and totally not what I voted for.  Mr. Clegg,  a former MEP, said: ‘We are not going to reopen this issue of the repatriation of powers. We are not proposing to go backwards.’  That is Mr. Clegg’s interpretation of the situation, not the interpretation of the thousands of people who voted for and were promised a public vote on any new amendments.  I have no respect whatsoever for Nick Clegg, he is an opportunist.

As reported in today’s Saturday Mail, Eurosceptic Douglas Carswell said:  “Nick Clegg talks a great game on renewing politics yet here we have him saying the Government is going to renege on its promise to hold a referendum. ‘Thanks to Mr Clegg, we have spent many hours debating and voting on a referendum to change the voting system, which was not in the manifesto of either Coalition party. ‘Yet somehow there is never time to debate a referendum on the EU, which was until recently the policy of both the Coalition parties.

‘Ministers are trying to claim that this treaty does not affect us. But the EU institutions now reach into our lives to such an extent that that is no longer a plausible argument. We have seen that this week, with the EU courts demanding votes for prisoners and our own failure to freeze the EU budget.”

Hear, hear, Mr. Carswell!   This is what I feared all along.  I did not vote for Nick Clegg and the thought of doing so is absolute anathema to me.  This is the man who is such a rabid pro-European, he wrote an article saying Britain should be put in her place!  I am shocked that David Cameron is going along with this. So when Boris spoke out in April 2010,  and he was blamed by Cameron and Hague because they said legally they couldn’t do anything – Boris was right then! It isn’t that they are hidebound legally,  They don’t want to, and we get no say in the matter.

Mr. Cameron and certain members of his government are supposed to be so keen on the coalition, that he is thinking about foisting the abomination on the country for longer than the proposed 5 years, according to Francis Maude. That would be a betrayal of the rights of every individual in the UK who voted Tory.  As is this action over the Lisbon Treaty now.  We are being sold out.

13 responses to “Sellout: Coalition break election pledge over Europe

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  2. Told you so !!!!

    Everyone MUST write to their MP and tell them that they are not happy about this betrayal of the British people. Tell them in no uncertain terms that you will NEVER vote tory again if we do not get a referendum.

    The electorate is MAD about MR BETRAYER CAMERON – fortunately I can only say that I did not support his con game and most of you were well forewarned about him being a liar, cheat and general shyster ! But you should have expected this as soon as they started talking to the LibDims ! Though still far far too late – it was you lot who put him there !

    Some of us had the courage of our convictions and had to put up with the jibes about UKIP being a washout ! Now you’re wishing you’d done the right thing too I would hope !

    • I am terribly disappointed in how David Cameron has bowed to Nick Clegg over this. I would never vote for UKIP. Boris Johnson has said all along the country is entitled to a referendum. We will have to see how the coalition lasts, but I am NOT HAPPY.

  3. The word for this government is Vichy there is no f***ing difference between this cunch of bunts and the last the cunch of bunts.

  4. Nick Clegg has a lot of nerve saying what he has said. He wasn’t even democratically elected. He achieved power through a fluke, and his party’s support has flatlined to 10%. They are finished, but we still have to listen to his disgraceful views that a referendum would be a “backward step”.

    This is nauseating and infuriating.

  5. I thought we were all in this together. They don’t even ask us. I’m a Eurosceptic and don’t like the sneaky way this was done.


  7. To Nick and Dave

    Watch the comments on this you pair of punks!

    This is the grass roots talking.

  8. Peter, I absolutely understand how you feel. This is an absolute outrage. They are trying to sneak it past us, with Cleggie making lying, smoothy comments about a referendum being a step backwards. They must not get away with this. DISGUSTING.

  9. ITS REVOLUTION TIME PEOPLE, DECEND EN MASSE TO THEIR HQ, the only way to make change is for US to do something not them, freedom isnt free, u must fight for it

    • Yes. You are right, we cannot sit idly by and say nothing. Absolute betrayal, we are having something forced upon us by devious means that we never, ever voted for. NEVER would I have voted for someone with the view of Nick Clegg. I cannot tell you how strongly I feel about this.

      And to say they want this coalition to last beyond the 5 years….. ABOMINABLE.

  10. I am livid with this bunch of tossers. I mean it. They’ve completely blown it as far as I am concerned. Liars, cheats and conmen – why am I surprised? Yes, I got taken in again.

    As far as I’m concerned now I’ll be quite happy to see this shyster government taken down. If they’ve lost me they’ve lost an awful lot more who were less committed.

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