Boris on aid to India

Today, Boris’s Daily Telegraph article deals with the subject of why should we, under the circumstances, give aid to India? Boris argues that we cannot afford to donate this aid at the expense of our ability to deter aggression, when India is paying for its own nuclear and space programmes.  (Isn’t the short answer that David Cameron agreed not to cut aid to India to keep Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems on side?)

An Indian nuclear missile.

Boris seems to know a fearsome amount about the details of our nuculear defences.  Does the man hoover up information like a Dyson and regurgitate it back into a perfectly formed powerful and  valid argument? He explains why we need our nuclear defences, so gives some amusing suggestions on how we can hide the fact that we no longer have them. Boris says:  “I have to say that I have let my imagination roam, and approached the question without ideological preconceptions. Perhaps we could save money, and deter aggression, by doing a kind of Saddam Hussein – allowing the world (and above all the Americans) to think we have weapons of mass destruction when in fact we have none. We could invest in a cheap collection of ultra-realistic inflatable missiles and inflatable submarines to pose as our strategic nuclear response. ”  He continues:

“We can’t be bullied. We can’t let the word get around that we are a soft touch. I don’t want this country to be blackmailed by France – which has 300 warheads – let alone by Iran. If we want to deter aggression, if we want to remain members of the UN Security Council, if we want to speak up powerfully for all that is good and right in the comity of nations – and if we want people to take us seriously – then I am afraid it is a sad necessity that we continue to wield a nuclear club. But we should be under absolutely no illusions that this is in any sense an independent deterrent. When we eventually renew Trident, in whatever form, we will be spending tens of billions on machinery and technology that is American in virtually every respect. The warhead is a copy of the US W76 warhead. The arming, fusing and firing systems are designed by the American Sandia lab and procured from the States. The neutron generator is manufactured in the US and acquired off the shelf. The gas reservoir is made in America and even filled up in America.”

Boris says later on:  “Don’t get me wrong. I am completely in favour of the DFID projects in India – tackling poverty, illiteracy and disease; and I completely understand that aid and trade go together, and that we want to build the closest possible relationship with this great nation and nascent superpower. And it is of course true that even if we chopped the whole overseas aid budget, we still could not afford to build our own independent nuclear deterrent”

Another vital point that Boris makes is that India is not only a nuclear power, but has its own space industry – and we don’t! Details of India’s nuclear power are here.  How fair or sensible is that? It is not a question of taking food from the mouths of Indian children.   This is what happens when you cosy up to Nick Clegg…….

You need to read this brilliantly argued article in its entirety in today’s Daily Telegraph.

12 responses to “Boris on aid to India

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  6. Charity and Aid are noble concepts for those who can afford to give. The UK will be borrowing money we cannot afford, paying interest and cutting vital services so we can give money to the worlds fasted growing economy. WTF is that about.

    MPs are elected to look after US the tax payer not to grandstand on global stage giving OUR money away let alone borrowing money in our name to give to foreign nationals so they can feel warm and fuzzy inside.

    I like my neighbours but would not consider remortgaging my house to pay for their kids education while they wasted their money on fancy technology.

    India is capable of looking after India.

    Why are our MPs so obsessed with economic and cultural suicide of the British people?

    They need to focus on simple priorities- job creation, smaller government, efficient public sector, education of UK citizens, health, internal security, law and order, immigration and defence of the British way of life from those who wish us harm.

    • Mac you are a man after my own heart. boris johnson has had the strength and courage to come out again to tell it like it is. This is what we must endure because of our partnership with the LibDems, whom frankly, I abhor. For years they have been totally out of tough with reality, saying whatever suits them.

  7. Shit

    sorry forgot the after quoting you 😀

  8. (Isn’t the short answer that David Cameron agreed not to cut aid to India to keep Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems on side?)

    Are there any policies that Dave did not water down to keep the Libtards on side?

    • Neil, I know! And I am terrified that in the end, he will make Cleggie Foreign Sec. because that is what the little double dealer is angling for. Francis Maude said there are plans to stay stuck to the Lib Dems even after the 5 years! HEAVEN HELP US!

  9. These bloody Lib Dems are an embarrassment. Weirdie Beardies.

  10. Brilliant article by Boris. So India can afford to fund a nuclear programme but still need aid?

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