New Boris YOU TUBES here

Amazing new Boris You tubes are here!  You can also view the new Boris “coup de sauvage” hair cut.  The shorter length takes years off him, looks good. Didn’t the coup de sauvage cut originate from the 18th century?  (It was due for a revival though.)  For years Boris wore the style known as au coup de vent,  also very popular in the 18th century, as wigs fell out of favour.

I like the pink shirt.   Hopefully nobody was press ganged into ironing it for a measly 50p an hour, haha. On the other hand, hearing that Boris’s shirts are ever ironed at all, is heartening news for Londoners.

3 responses to “New Boris YOU TUBES here

  1. Funny article. Hadn’t read about the 50 slave labour until now, LOL.

  2. Bless him. So cute.

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