Could we become cyborgs?

A scientist who turned himself into a cyborg, Professor Kevin Warwick,  predicted that soon it will be possible to have cyborgs in your home, doing the housework and helping in other ways.  By using a blog from a rat’s brain, he created a functioning robot by using a brain from human cells and growing it in a robot body.

The professor also implanted a chip in his own arm, turning himself into a cyborg.  Some women  believe they already have cyborgs in their homes, but that is another situation.  Prof. Warwick studies cybernetics at the University of Warwick and his website deals with his work on cyborgs.

Professor Warwick said: ‘It would be quite straightforward now to make some sort of interactive toy-type of device based on human brain cells.  Creating something that’s more useful and could help around the house, I would say that’s seven or ten years down the line.”

Matters have already moved on from this astounding development.  Prof. Jeff W. Lichtman from Harvard University is working on incorporating technology into the human body and part of his research involves what he calls “brainbow” mice.  Is he for real?  This fascinating video will fill you in on the finer points.  A Dr. Berger is working on chips to either replace parts of the brain, or add more brain power. Of course there are snags…. (I should think there are) but they are forging ahead anyway.

Is this really necessary, and isn’t it like the open door policy on immigration, not properly thought through?  Surely having cyborgs doing our housework will only contribute to obesity and unemployment?  When would a human body become so stuffed with technological parts, it ceased to be human?  Does this mean they are planning for people to live forever, because that would really make problems. There are many moral and spiritual implications to this sort of work, and surely it is vital to consider these, instead of forging ahead on a purely scientific basis?

5 responses to “Could we become cyborgs?

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  2. This is a bit of a scary idea, and I too can see lots of complications. What if some of the ops. go wrong, they could kill people. And you could end up half human.

  3. I’d like to know why they are doing this too. There are so many other things they could be working on. Do we really need robots so we don’t have to do any housework?

  4. This does sound dangerous. As you say, if they are implanting technology into people, including into their brains, where does the techno end and where does the person begin?

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