Huge increase in UFO sightings in the UK

A major Chinese airport had to close down to avoid collision with a UFO,  reported the Daily Telegraph yesterday.There has also been a marked increase in reported UFO sightings in the UK, which are thought to be connected to the Large Hadron Collider experiment in Geneva.

The Telegraph said “An airport in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, was forced to shut to prevent passenger jets crashing into a UFO, according to reports. Three flights to Baotou from Shanghai and Beijing were reportedly forced to circle the airport until the UFO disappeared.”

Reports of UFO sightings in the UK (reportedly up to 150 sightings in two weeks) are possibly connected to the Large Hadron Collider experiment in Geneva, and there have been numerous sightings in the Louth and Mablethorpe areas.  David Hinde from North Yorkshire is adament such sightings are not sky lanterns after witnessing some strange lights in the sky near his home: “I have seen the orange/red spheres in the skies above Speeton, moving in ways no conventional aircraft move – diagonal, vertical and horizontal movements, with no sound and no vapour trails – definitely not sky lanterns.”  Theorising on where the UFOs came from, he concluded: “I am personally of the opinion that these objects are not of this world and believe that there is a continued coverup.”

9 responses to “Huge increase in UFO sightings in the UK

  1. There have been apparently a rise of UFO sightings in october 2010, but that is totally a non-sense to make a link with the LHC experiment in Geneva.
    As the effects of the LHC are not significant on Earth activity and even less on the space around the Earth, it looks like arguments taken from a Davinci Code book or something.

    • Interesting reply, thanks so much. (We can hope and the Da Vinci code is a fascinating book.) My blogs on aliens are slightly tongue in cheek and are written more in hope than in the actual certainty that there is something out there.

  2. I’m reading an interesting book on UFOs and the alleged US cover-up of contact with aliens.
    The book is “Exposing the U.S. Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life,” by Michael Salla.

    I can’t say I believe everything he’s saying but to sum up:

    1. The US has been aware of the reality of extraterrestrial visitations since the Eisenhower administration and the Roswell incident, and has decided to keep it secret, fearing mass hysteria.

    2. The ‘60s and 70s saw increasing study of and contact with aliens. Only a small group of people are aware of the contact. Meanwhile, the CIA has the authority to transfer funds at will from legitimate programs into their black budget accounts to maintain the secrecy, mostly from the Dept. of Defense and the HUD budgets.

    3. The US discovered there are at least 5 different species visiting us: the classic 4-foot tall “greys” with big eyes, two species of reptilians, “Nordic” types, and humanoid type. They are described as 3 friendly types, one hostile, and one neutral.

    4. The US had a choice to make a “contract” with any of the species. One type advocated “ethically advanced” interactions with humans, with the proviso that the US lead the way towards dismantling nuclear weapons. Another type, the Greys, offered advanced technology to the US in exchange for permission to abduct a small number of humans and cattle for experimentation.

    5. The US military, with urging from Henry Kissinger, opted for the technology exchange. The ethically advanced group could still monitor our nuclear facilities (which is becoming more apparent), but the main focus was on learning about scientific advancements that would allow the US military to attain overwhelming political power.

    6. Fiber optics, the CPUs of computers, and other technological breakthroughs are attributed to the technology exchange. Also, the HAARP experiment in Alaska, a low frequency oceanic network run by the Navy, and several underground bases grew out of the contract to help manage interactions with these races.

    7. The contract and exchanges are currently spiraling out of control. There was a reported confrontation in 1979 where 41 soldiers and civilians died, including one alien. Since then the Grey aliens pretty much control the show, as there is nothing the US can do to contain them. It turns out they are abducting many more people and cattle than they agreed to. At the same time, nuclear accidents and proliferation has resulted in more blatant intervention by the ethically advanced species.

    • Gosh I must get hold of that book! sounds fascinating. I don’t know if you have had time to read my recent blog, on cyborgs, COULD WE BECOME CYBORGS? That research is going on. Apparently there could be a cyborg in every home in between 7 – 10 years, and because of technological implants, we could all become cyborgs.
      This is very very worrying.

      Thank you for your amazing post.

  3. OK guys! Laugh! It isn’t so much that I totally believe in aliens as much as that I would like to know they were there! The Telegraph reported about the Chinese airport! One day the worm will turn, and you will all eat your words.

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  5. Angie I believed every word of this article. Every word.

  6. What? These are large, indeterminate, unruly clumps of loose fibres of a sort of blond colour are they? Some say tiny little parasitic creatures fall out if you wave a comb at them.

  7. They are not UFO they are flying pigs that escaped from Ed Milibands speech and have not yet been recaptured

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