The US astrologer who believed David Cameron was unsuited as PM

A well known US astrologer, Archie Duncan, believes that David Cameron is unsuited for the role of PM and his luck can’t hold. He sees David Cameron as a “nice” Libra and believes the timing is all wrong.

Archie says “David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, is astrologically unsuited for his current job, at least at this stage in his career.  His luck can’t hold, and his grip on government could fall apart at any time.”  It’s hard to tell.  Last May, Archie detailed the bad luck awaiting Gordon Brown (he was bang on there!), and he went on to say that David Cameron was also about to be hit by a lengthy bad patch.  Archie doesn’t see the coalition lasting because of the Jupiter/Saturn opposition.  David Cameron, like John McEnroe, has a Moon/Mars conjunction (in Leo). This means he can suddenly and uncontrollably lose his temper! Has Pisces Ed Balls sussed this out? (Mean, Ed!)

Archie also seems to think that Ed Mili was a better choice than older brother David, mainly because he is a Capricorn.  But Ed’s Mars, the planet of aggression, is in Pisces, not a good position for any leader mainly because it is far too soft and gentle. Cameron has a Leo Mars, a far stronger position.  Ed’s start as Labour leader seems a tad ill-omened and I can see it all falling in on itself, like a collapsed lung.  Ed doesn’t appear to be too popular with most of the Labour grandees.  The only major Labour politician who seems to be supporting Ed is Harriet Harman, and she’s such a brick, you’d like to throw her through a window.

The astrology is tantalisingly unclear.  To quote Boris Johnson “Astra inclinant, non necessitant”.

8 responses to “The US astrologer who believed David Cameron was unsuited as PM

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  2. What did Paxo call Dave off camera ….. a smooth b…….

  3. Yay Neil! Boris is our one brght ray of hope. He always says what he thinks, we know exactly where we are, his beliefs come from within, not from some stupid spin doctor, he is brilliant… All the other leaders are too alike. Clegg, Ed Mili, David Cameron all jostling for the centre, scared to put a foot wrong, changing their opinions at the drop of a hat…..

    Boris is the outstanding and only choice for our future PM.

  4. For the first time in my life I find myself in total agreement with an astrologer, Dave is unsuited, as is William Hauge after that stupid speech where the most pressing problem facing us is the non existent threat from CO2.

    Which leaves us with one candidate to lead the Conservative Party, Boris.

  5. He wants to be PM. So was prepared to make the utmost compromises to achieve that. Also, he is probably far more of a Liberal than we initially thought.

  6. It’s hard to tell. Dave is very self possessed, so it’s impossible to guess what is underneath. He grabbed the leadership, but how many concessions is he making to the Lib Dems? A lot apparently, according to the Daily Telegraph recently.

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