Nick, Dave and Ed: which marriage is made in heaven?

In his conference speech in 2010, Ed Mili attacked only the Tories and David Cameron, not Clegg, and he said he supported AV.  Rumour had it he spoke to Cleggie on the phone for 15 minutes before his speech.  Mmmm. Astrology shows that although the combined second charts of Clegg and Cameron contain a Grand Trine between Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron, the asteroid of success, and this Grand Trine clearly propelled them both into power, there are lethal stresses between them. Nick might be thinking it would be smart to jump ship in favour of another option, because life with Dave cannot be easy.

Nick and Dave

Nick Clegg’s Saturn is opposed by both Pluto and Uranus in David Cameron’s chart. This means that the Saturn person has a lot of control, so Nick is not the helpless victim portrayed by the media. But whoa! What is this? Cameron’s Pluto/Uranus has a lock on Nick’s Chiron, the powerful asteroid of success! Ouch! I bet that hurts! Reverse the planets, and Cameron is threatened by Cleggie by exactly the same planets, in exactly the same way. Double whammy! Their Suns are in square, no big deal in itself, but since Dave is PM, he is in the position to make Cleggie hurt more, although Dave himself isn‘t exactly pain free.  Magi Astrology believes that we all have two charts, and in their second comparison chart, the stresses are even worse.Goofy Ed must seem like an attractive option right now, if Cleggie feels abused and fancies a flirt, but he shouldn’t do anything rash.  Ed and Nick are both Capricorns, there is a basic compatibility there.  However, their combined charts form a Grand Cross. Life with Ed could turn out to be a strait-jacket with both of them buried in concrete. In addition, Nick’s Chiron is opposed by Ed’s manipularive Pluto. If Cleggie has felt threatened by Dave’s Pluto, how is he going to feel about Ed’s?

Nick and Ed

Yup, Nick might get sneaky, and play off Ed against Dave. He might even ruthlessly dump Dave for Ed. But I think he will find that astrologically, it will be out of the frying pan into the fire.  In any case, Ed, who doesn’t have the chart of a future PM, won’t be able to keep Nick in the style to which he has become accustomed, and Nick isn’t prepared to slum it anymore. And what about payback? Dave doesn’t look like the sort of guy who takes to being dumped with equanimity. Added to which if you change partners too often, and play two ends against the middle non-stop, you could get a name as a bit of tart.

* Click on charts to enlarge.  Birth times not known and not included in calculations.

6 responses to “Nick, Dave and Ed: which marriage is made in heaven?

  1. I presume you are the astrologer Angela?

    I am Virgo with Capricorn rising. You?

    I’ve always found it a very useful aspect of life. I’ve had my chart done about three or four times in the last 20 years by Judy Freeman from Guildford. I believe she’s published somewhere as Judy Stardust or something similar. About time I got myself updated I think.

  2. It sounds right that there is huge competition between Nick and Dave. I wouldn’t be trusting Ed if I were Nick. He shafted his own brother. I don’t know why the two of them went for it, because they clearly both wanted it desperately, and there was bound to be a horrible situation regarding whoever lost, worst if it was the older Mili.

  3. Don’t know about shafting his own brother, they both knew what they were letting themselves in for. That said, it would have been much easier for Ed to be the loser than David, and he is in a horrible position.

  4. Peter, I have studied astrology, yes, for 13 years. I am Sun Aries, Moon Sagittarius, Ascendant Gemini (chat, chat, chat!). I am not a typical Aries, because I have a Pisces Stellium of Mercury, Venus and Mars.

    Astrology is extremely useful. If politicians paid more attention to it, they would have far more information on what made their opponenets tick.

    Look a the brilliant chart Boris has! Boris has a Gemini stellium, but he is actually a very solid character, with Jupiter in Taurus and a couple of Virgo planets. Once he has established himself, he is hard to dislodge. Boris has an eclipse between Mercury and Jupiter at his moment of birth. This is the sign of the genius.

    Magi Astrology is more revealing than traditional astrology, because it believes we all have two charts.

  5. Peter, I do. Had to laugh! David Cameron on GMTV this morning, declared re. Cleggie, There is no bromance! Don’t suppose he read my blog….. LOL

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