Three big fat fibs in Ed Miliband’s speech

At the Labour Party Conference today,  Ed Mili made his much awaited speech as Party Leader and it’s true, he seems a nice guy, with his huge dark bush baby eyes, and teeth that beamed so big they lit up the conference hall.  By my reckoning, though, at least three big fat fibs popped out of Ed’s mouth  without a blink. Maybe more.  But this are the three that rang my warning bell.

FIB NO. 1. Ed said that Labour is the party of equality.  Allowances for women as championed by Harriet Harman, and guaranteeing a number of places for women in the Labour cabinet are nothing to do with equality.  It’s the old tack of talking down to women and patronising them, because real equality is beating men on equal terms.  Labour just don’t get that, they think that patting us on the head “Oh we are thinking of you, don’t you worry your pretty little head about that!” is equality.   Boris Johnson getting rid of women that he didn’t believe were up to their jobs, and abolishing patronising “women’s” projects.    That’s equality.

FIB NO. 2. Ed attacked the Coalition for “unpatriotic cuts”, and then declared “True patriotism is about reducing the debt burden we pass on to our kids,”.  Dishonest evasion.  No hint whatsoever what cuts Labour would approve as patriotic.  What Ed really means is any Labour cuts are patriotic and any Tory cuts are not.   Ed is just spouting empty rhetoric here.

FIB NO. 3.  Ed attacked David Cameron for being “miserable”, “pessimistic” and said the PM was hiding behind the deficit.  David Cameron miserable!  He’s the PM, he has a beautiful wife, gorgeous kids, he has a permanent smile like the cat that’s got the cream!   “Labour” declared Ed “are the optimistic party!”  And then he went on to endorse Ken Livingstone…….  The Labour Party is still full of the same miserable SOBs that were there before Ed took over as leader.  OK, a lot of the Blairites are gone.  That leaves the Brownites, and to make them optimistic, Ed needs to check out what mood elevators go with alcohol.

Sure Ed’s speech sounded great.  But really Ed is Mili Vanilli and he spouts fibs like a geyser.  He sounded good for about five minutes, and then it all started to come apart at the seams.

4 responses to “Three big fat fibs in Ed Miliband’s speech

  1. Ed is a goofy disaster. What were the Labour party thinking?

  2. Ed is a goofy disster. What were the Labour party thinking?

  3. It’s a mess. But possibly he is a ruthless SOB, who knows how to go for it, and doesn’t let anyone get in his way.

  4. Ed’s speech was just to make everybody happy, but because of the psychodrama, the whole convention has sort of blown up in his face.

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