Boris went to the same primary school as the Miibands

In his latest Daily Telegraph article, Boris has an explosive revelation to make.  He went to the same primary school as the Miliband brothers, Primrose Hill School, in Camden.  This school was apparently rejected by David Miliband when he was picking a primary for his kids, but it was certainly good enough for Boris and the Milis in the ’70’s.

Also attending the school in 1971, were David Miliband, top left, writer Zoe Heller and director Sam Mendes, , front left

Boris says:  “It is an unsettling fact that I went to the same school as the party leader. Indeed, there are some people who have taken to complaining about this coincidence. They say it is unacceptable in the 21st century that so much political power should be concentrated in the old boys of one educational establishment. It is a sign, they say, that the country has failed to move on.”

borischildBoris then delights us with some hilarious reminiscences, the funniest being the day when with the same panache that he displays today, he was standing in the playground, he says, “challenging all-comers to a fight and then watching in horror as an enormously tall girl – she must have been at least two years older than me, I swear – detached herself from her friends and strolled in my direction. After that things are a bit of a blur, except for a dim impression of the speed and solidity of her knuckles and a ring of laughing faces against the sky. Made me what I am, I expect.”  Our Mayor was clobbered by a girl.  This is as funny as the anecdote Boris tells of how, when he was introduced to George W. Bush, he was wearing his sister’s Mickey Mouse watch – and Bush noticed and commented on it with horror. I wonder if this was the time when Boris quipped wittily:  “One man’s Mickey Mouse course is another man’s literae humaniores.” Actually, nothing to do with a watch, but it is still a funny quote.

It is fascinating to read Boris’s comments on how life has changed since the ’70’s.  He then goes on to comment sadly:  “I note that Ed Miliband has emerged blatantly from the bowels of the trade unions, and that it was thanks to union chiefs that he edged a millimetre ahead of the elder Miliband. I note that he and other senior Labour figures are now pledging to support strike action – no matter how unreasonable, no matter how much damage it may do to the interests of the general public or the British economy – in the hope of scoring political points against the Coalition Government. I note, in other words, that under Ed Miliband the trade unions seem set to dominate the Labour Party in exactly the way that Blair and Brown managed successfully to avoid.  There are many lessons from an inner London primary school in the 1970s – and it would be tragic if Ed were to take the wrong one.”

16 responses to “Boris went to the same primary school as the Miibands

  1. Boris cracks me up. He was on television yesterday, in a science lab., doing an experiement in a white lab. coat. His hair was fluffed out so much, he looked like a mad scientist. He does it on purpose, I swear.

  2. Ed may seem like a nice guy, but so was Michael Foot. It takes a lot more than that.

  3. Peter, Ed is clearly sincere and seems like a nice guy. He is intelligent, and principled, a huge improvement on Blair and Brown. But has he got the toughness and bottle? I am not endorsing him, he is definitely an improvement, but he could fold at the first tough challenge! We have no idea. But I stick to the point, he is better than Blair and Brown, then again, most politicians are.

  4. Broken Society. Broken Britain. Brokenshire.

    Much more dangerous than the unions – and he’s supposed to be on our side!

  5. Of course he’s going to come under pressure from the unions. What Labour leader doesn’t?

    There really are old reactionary Tory knee-jerk reactions going off everywhere here aren’t there?

    Angela, I’m delighted to see your more balanced reaction, recognising the true ability and therefore real danger that EdM offers. Your commenters seem to be the blind Boris believers today. In fact, I think Boris was, as so often, exaggerating for effect. He’s far too intelligent not to recognise the truth about EdM and the unions – unlike your commenters.

  6. Very gullible to believe that Ed Miliband will not come under pressure from the unions.

  7. Weighing up ToryAardvark and Peter R, I agree with Tory Aardvark.

  8. Sincere or not Miliband,E is just a new version of Gordon Brown, just another Labour politician who wants to give our soverign powers to the EU and all our money away as Ed is major player in the global climate change scam.

    As usual all nicley paid for, and in the pocket of the unions

  9. Peter M, of course the unions are going to expect payback. And of course Ed’s supporters told you he is more right wing than David.

    Ed was a Brownite, and David was a Blairite, read the Spectator on what this means, and there is a quote from Fraser Nelson top right.

  10. I agree that Cameron and Clegg need to be challenged, but you are unfair saying that to assume that the unions believe Miliband is in their pocket is a knee jerk reaction. John Prescott has just lost the job of Labour treasurer to Diane Holland, an official with Unite. And Ed refused to condemn strikes. We will have to see, but I agree with Boris.

  11. Come on Angela. You’re chasing conspiracy theories. My eldest son’s best friend was on Ed’s campaign team. My son has history with the Tories himself. The key point about the union vote is that these weren’t block votes. They were individual trade union members. The more worrying aspect of the leadership election is that, apparently, some individuals had up to 12 votes each!

    Anyway, I think these points are insignificant. What is relevant is that Labour do now have a young, highly intelligent leader -a “new generation”. If my inside information is correct then he will be a formidable opponent. I think we should be careful not to understimate him. Old fashioned Tory, knee-jerk reactions will not work.

    I think Ed Miliband will be very good for British politics. It’s time that Dave and Nick were challenged a bit. As a liberal Tory the politician who worries me most of all is silly, young, bully boy Jimmy Brokenshire. He’s got be the worst mistake David Cameron has made. If his new Drugs Strategy is as regressive as his talk all we can look forward to is increased chaos, crime and disorder. These are the sort of issues that really make a difference to people’s lives and this fool, from within our own ranks, is about to cause mayhem.

    • Peter, Ed strikes me as very sincere, and how many politicians can you say that about? But he is young, tried and untested. I HOPE he is good for British politics and hope he has the strength for what lies ahead, but my initial impression is that he is certainly an improvement on Mili Snr. and a good guy.

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  13. Peter, I hardly know anything at all about Ed Miliband, the analysis is Boris’s above. It seems to me, from reading a wide selection of newspapers today, Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph, Observer, Mail on Sunday and Sunday Express, and gathering all Ed’s comments together, that he is on everybody’s side, and wants to help them all!

    It does seem likely though that if the unions believe they got him the leadership, they will expect a lot back for that. Even if he is more to the right than David, he owes them, doesn’t he? I would trust Boris on this, more than Ed’s campaign team, because they would say that to you, wouldn’t they?

  14. Can’t say that your and/or Boris’ analysis of Ed Miliband makes any sense. Sounds a bit like empty rhetoric to me. That tends to rebound sometimes you know! The inside gossip I have (from Ed’s campaign team), is that Ed is actually well to the right of David!

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