Feckless Dad fathered 15 kids

The Mayor has received criticism, from the Left, and even from a Tory Assembly Member, Andrew Boff,  for diverting funds for helping the unemployed to kids’ academies.  He has prioritised giving educational help to the young, rather than giving more help to the unemployed.  Boris is so right to be helping kids rather than adults.  Adults should be looking to help themselves, and cannot expect the state to do everything for them.

the feckless dad

If kids are denied a good education from the start,  that can blight their lives, and make it more likely that they will trapped at a certain poverty level.  We owe it to these kids to give them all the help we can.  There are many great adult education classes available for people who really want to learn and if you truly want to learn something, you let nothing stand in your way.  I would go further, and say unless adults are prepared to show they intend to help themselves, it is right that their benefits should be stopped.

The t.v. show Jeremy Kyle is often derided, but there is much to learn from Jeremy’s investigations.  As I write, he is a presenting a programme on the benefits culture.  A young single mother with two kids has just admitted with a smirk that she would not have had her kids unless she knew she would be getting money from the state to live off. A loud-mouthed yob is saying that drawing benefits for ever is his choice and right, and he believes that anyone who criticises him is jealous because they have to work and he doesn’t.

The Daily Mail recently reported the appalling case of a feckless father who had fifteen kids by fourteen different women and cared for none of them.  The girls are as much to blame as this utter disgrace, who cannot keep his pants up.  He is costing the state £2,000,000!  This is an extreme case, but many openly declare they prefer a life time of benefits to trying to get a job, although admittedly getting a job takes a huge amount of effort these days.

When the London Standard became a free newspaper, loads of the sellers were out of a job.  The man who sold the paper at the end of my road went back to college and is now doing a higher level computer course, having never touched a computer in his life, and he is a grandfather.  No, Boris has made the right decision.

5 responses to “Feckless Dad fathered 15 kids

  1. Kids are vulnerable and should always come first. There is a lot of free training available for people on benefits at colleges, or they could get computer training from friends or relatives.

  2. What do women see in this jerk? He picks them up at bus stops and they have sex practically straight away…… He is giving a fiver from his benefits though, we mustn’t be too hard on him.

  3. Is he wearing lipstick?

  4. The girls themselves must be fools to have babies with this guy. It’s the height of irresponsibility and the state forks out.

  5. My God! Are they mental? Who would fancy this useless twerp?

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