Ken beats Oona to qualify for Boris v. Ken, the Rematch!

Ken beats Oona King to win the Labour candidacy for Mayor of London by 68.6% to 31.4%.  It’s Boris v. Ken, The Rematch!

Ken’s craggy features creased into a genuinely warm grin as he was congratulated by people on all sides, including Harriet Harman and Oona,  for winning the nomination. Ken kindly pointed out that that Boris wasn’t to be blamed for his private life, his looks or the fact that he went to Eton, because no child could ever be blamed for his schooling which was chosen by his parents.  I had a huge fit of the giggles.  Ken has obviously been practising. It’s going to be huge fun…….. King Newt is back.

8 responses to “Ken beats Oona to qualify for Boris v. Ken, the Rematch!

  1. Informative blog with good useful information.

  2. Sure congratulations Ken, but it’s hardly nice for the rest of us, is it?

  3. Well, if he’s back/still on the whisky and the Merlot, he will certainly be something “as a Newt”…

    • John I know! I’m trying to be nice in the blog, because he seems so awfully desperate. He was in tears when he got the nomination. What sort of state will he be in when he loses, and he is obviously going to lose.

  4. Boris will wipe the floor with the spiteful little pinko. Ken will be stirring it up with Bob Crow as hard as he can, and Red Ed will love him, but Londoners will see straight through him.

  5. I don’t think it’s funny. Ken doesn’t know how to behave, he’s a pill.

  6. Cheeky man! He is no oil painting, adenoidal, and he has the nerve to criticise Boris’s looks. Pure jealousy, we all adore Boris.

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