Two new Boris academies open today

Today the Mayor opened two new Academies in Enfield, as the first part of his commitment to open ten academies for kids in the most challenging areas of London.  Aylward Academy and Nightingale Academy are receiving joint sponsorship from the London Development Agency (LDA) and the Academies Enterprise Trust (AET), as well as funding from the Department for Education.

The schools, formerly known as Gladys Aylward and Turin Grove, were previously deemed to be failing. They have now been redecorated and kitted out with new IT equipment. Pupils have also received new school uniforms free of charge. A beaming Boris was on hand to open the schools, don a school tie like a naughty schoolboy and crack a joke about the bad grammar of George W. Bush.

Len Duvall (Labour Assembly Member), might pour cold water on the project, by sniping churlishly  “It is really just a vanity project, but I suppose it is great for kids.”  To Len, everything is suspect, nothing is genuinely motivated or sincerely felt.  The fact that it is great for kids, is mentioned as an afterthought. He is the Diogenes of the London Assembly.   What could be more important than inspiring and helping kids to learn?

The ability to inspire others to learn is a huge gift.  Boris has that gift in abundance and it is great that he is making use of it while he is Mayor. There must be some good in Labour Assembly Members and I do not wish to be unfair.  Can anyone tell me anything positive about them?  Please?

3 responses to “Two new Boris academies open today

  1. Boris is good at making subjects come alive and he knows how to enliven the dullest subject. Kids deserve a good start in life. He made the right choice.

  2. Boris does have the ability to inspire. Better spend on thes than the workshy.

  3. It is a certain sort of mentality, that makes people think the state owes them a living. I agree kids should be given every opportunity because adults can fight for themselves, get training, do whatever it takes, and kids cannot.

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