Trottie, KP both make Ashes team

Hooray!  Both Trottie and KP have made the Ashes team.  I am delighted, because we need both of them,  and they are both hugely entertaining players.

Quizzical, indefatigable Trottie

The team will be Strauss, (Capt.), Anderson, Bell, Brest, Broad, Cook, Collingwood, Davies, Finn, Morgan, Panesar, Pietersen, Prior, Swann, Tremlet,  Trott.  Australia are no longer the threat they used to be.  Their aura has slipped, with the demise of Aussie legends like Shane Warne , whereas English are on the up.  Bursting with talent, this is an English team to be proud of.

2 responses to “Trottie, KP both make Ashes team

  1. There are some tall bowlers in this team! Broad, Finn, Tremlett, all 6 foot 7 ins. or over. And Trott is key. He will really get under the skin of the Aussies. It’s going to be exciting…….

  2. Trott is amusing. Great cricketer, huge asset to the team.

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