Ken surrounded by the usual suspects

Ken Livingstone looked miserable as sin as City Hall yesterday. It’s understandable.  If you might be up against brilliant Boris, you would probably look miserable too.  His attempt to recapture his crown as King Newt got off to a shaky start,  when Jonathan Freedland wrote in the Guardian that Ken isn’t much cop, and maybe Labour should think about getting someone else.

At Mayor’s Question Time, the audience contained Ken’s journalist supporters, Dave Hill, Tory Troll Adam Bienkov and the owner of Boris Watch.  The usual suspects.  They all ignored my beaming smile, but regarded me with fear in their eyes.  Probably terrified I will beat them to a pulp like last time.

The last time I teased about Ken, Dave Hill was so annoyed, he talked about me in the Guardian.   Ha!  If people can’t take teasing, and they are attacking someone in a nasty way whom you support, it is tempting to tease them all the time.  But I won’t.  Not unless you are all very unfair.*

ps.  It is not a good tactic for Ken to try to claim some credit for the bike hire scheme when clearly this is totally Boris’s achievement.  It makes him look dodgy, an image I am sure he is eager to shed.  It would be better to be truthful and say to the Mayor  “Well done, fantastic scheme, and you had the conviction to carry it through.”

UPDATE:  Since I wrote this post, Dave Hill has really blotted his copybook. The gloves are off and you can’t say I didn’t warn you……

10 responses to “Ken surrounded by the usual suspects


  2. Ken doesn’t have a prayer, people are put off by all that happened before.

  3. The video recordings are a bit dry, but the actual Question Time is exciting, I have been told.

  4. Ken will never beat Boris. Even if Boris makes some mistakes, Ken is seen as old fashioned and he had two goes, that’s enough.

  5. The Mayors Question Time sessions are, as you say, on BBC Parliament, but you miss most of the fun. A friend of mine goes, and he said they cut out most of the Mayor’s jokes and the tough and tumble is anaesthetised out of the video. Definitely go.

  6. I really must get up to London for one of these sessions! They are always great to review on video afterward, but I bet there is a real atmosphere in City Hall itself.

    Anyway, I’d like to see at first hand a downbeat Red Ken surrounded by his equally irrelevant supporters from the media.

    • John, you should go. It is very interesting and you learn an awful lot about London. If you can ever take the time to go, let me know and I will meet you there. We can sit together and have a coffee in the cafetaria afterwards.
      The only snag is, it does take quite a long time, and I always stay to the end (10 am. to 1 pm.) because I take notes to write a piece for my blog.

  7. Ken did nothing for the bike scheme. He is just jealous Boris got it going.

  8. Ken is claiming some credit for the bike scheme! Typical! I’m sure he thought about it, but what did he do?

  9. Apparently Boris said there was no budget for the bike hire scheme while Ken was Mayor. Liking an idea is not the same thing as actually carrying it out.
    Ken’s supporters can be nasty. Very nasty.

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