Bloggers- the lunatic fringe

There is a negative element to every occupation, including blogging.  This was clearly demonstrated this week, when the fringe element who blog were out again in force.  Why? An eminent Cabinet Minister was fiercely criticised for using the word “nail” in the sense of nailing a lie.

ridersWhere will this end? No longer can we innocently remark we bonked someone on the head.  However pure our intentions, we can’t say we scored, screwed, railed, shafted or swung either.  Harold Jacobsen’s first book was called Coming from behind, but we should pulp that, and  Aaron’s Rod by D H Lawrence is fit only for the porno section.  If your name is Roger, you better change it quickly, or be prepared for endless sniggers.

The Jilly Cooper bonkbusters are to have sanitised covers.  The picture of a man’s hand on the buttocks of a female jockey  is deemedtoo  racy for Riders.

My friend adored the Famous Five books by Enid Blyton, so much so that she christened her daughter Fanny. She then compounded the error by naming her son Richard.

9 responses to “Bloggers- the lunatic fringe

  1. It is funny how sex now colours everything. I went on holiday with a girlfriend and we shared a double room as mates. Just because we didn’t want to pick up men, several hotel guests implied we were lesbians.

    I read Ann Widdecombe’s article saying what happened to friendship? You can say that again!

  2. The same thought occurred to me. Ahh for the days of the Famous Five and a more innocent age!

  3. Well Angela I was going to say “don’t be afraid to open yours for me” but I decided I’d better not as it might be viewed as being inappropriate!

    (Richard is 23 now so I think we’ve all got over it!)

  4. And I called my eldest son Richard William. Without sparing his blushes, he was born with hypospadius (a minor malformation of the penis – fixed when he was a baby) which made him Dicky Willy!

    He’s forgiven me now!

    • Aaaah, bless him! Does it matter that you are sharing this info. with 1,000s do you think?

      Seriously, as John Ward points out, this hijacking of our language is beyond a joke, soon we will be afraid to open our mouths.

  5. I am perhaps fortunate in sailing through all that goes on and being hardly affected by it all.

    The control (and subversion) of language is part of what is termed “cultural Marxism”. Stealing existing words and altering their meaning in the common arena is a key part of that. I personally do not accept that, and in many cases do not and never will accept the “new” meanings of established words.

    There is always but always something dishonest in subverting existing language, of which the word “gay” (embedded in literature from Shakespeare to Wordsworth, and even in The Flinstones’ theme song) is probably the most obvious example.

    As for bonking on the head: this was explained definitively in trhe film “Yellow Submarine”, where the tall Blue Meanies did precisely that using large apples (naturally).

  6. Your blog is funny,but it isn’t funny what they are doing to William Hague. This last criticism is absolutely pathetic.

  7. You can’t open your mouth these days, LOL. Ass, bender, bang, toss, all now beyond the pale. And as for calling your son Willy…..

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