We are not amused

A tender, deeply affectionate portrait of our Queen, in delicate colours, was painted in 1965, to my astonishment, by the crusty, feisty Duke of Edinburgh I didn’t know that the Duke painted, and this work shows his sensitive side.  There is a calm, strong feeling to the painting, which sums up the sterling, steadfast character of our monarch.

This painting, clearly executed by someone who knows the Queen through and through, made me think of someone who obviously does not understand our monarch at all, the mottled, tear drenched dandy, ex-Premier Tony Blair, who had the temerity to describe Queen Elizabeth as “haughty”.  One shudders to even think of the vile tome he is touting round the country, so crass and egocentric are the snippets one is forced to endure on tv, and when one’s eye inadvertantly catches sight of them in the press. 

Naturally one would never, ever, dream of reading the ghastly tome from the grubby little war criminal, and the few words we are forced to endure only confirm his ignorance and bad manners.  His smile is like a naked light bulb winking off and on in a cheap hotel.His betrayal of the privacy he should have preserved regarding his dealings with the Queen puts him on a par with Nick Griffin, who was touting details of his invitation to the Queen’s Tea Party.

Haughty!  Ha!  Our Queen has always been a most astute judge of character.  She clearly had Tony Blair sussed from the very start, and, with excellent good sense, she kept her royal distance accordingly.   Apparently Tony Blair was forced from office by Gordon Brown, and is still waiting for Gordon to apologise.  Really!  Gordon, well done!  There is nothing to apologise for, and it’s a shame that you didn’t manage to push him out sooner.

8 responses to “We are not amused


  2. Saw Tony Blair on Ths Morning, blandly denying that the Queen was annoyed with him. And the people that don’t approve are in the minority. bliar.

  3. It’s a really lovely portrait. I am amazed the Duke can paint that well.

  4. This was like Nick Griffin and the royal tea party, only much worse, because Blair should know better.

  5. Did Tony Blair honestly not see what bad manners this was? I agree, the Queen is a very good judge of character, and sized him up as a fake from the start.

  6. Haha, I know! Still, you are as outspoken as me, you know it!

    I said this betrayal puts him on a par with Nick Griffin. It does too! What is the difference?

  7. “Naturally one would never, ever, dream of the reading the ghastly tome from the grubby little war criminal”

    Go on Angie say what you mean 😀

  8. This is typical of the egocentric, up himself Tony Blair. He is a legend in his own lunchtime. Ratting on the Queen as to what went on over the death of Diana will not go down well.

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