We wll die in a ditch for Crossrail, says Boris Johnson

A City Hall source told the Guardian this evening: “We will die in a ditch for Crossrail and the tube improvements … We have already had to put fares up and that is Ken’s primary line of attack. Boris will find it very hard getting  re-elected.

The Tory mayor is waiting to see how his negotiations go with the Treasury before deciding whether to stand again in 2012. He may wait until Osborne’s spending review on 20 October before making an announcement, piling pressure on the chancellor. Osborne will not want a public row with the mayor who is hugely popular among the Tory grassroots.

A spokesman for the mayor denied Johnson was threatening to resign, saying: “He is quite confident of a good settlement for London.”

It went down to the wire and Boris threatened to resign and meant it.

9 responses to “We wll die in a ditch for Crossrail, says Boris Johnson

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  6. There is no way Boris would let himself be pushed into an impossible position, like Cleggie has. I bet it’s Boris doing the pushing.

  7. I agree, Boris is right to make a stand over this. David Cameron is very devious and sees Boris as a huge threat. It is a move guaranteed to drive Boris into an untenable position, and I believe DC would do that. Boris has no choice but to fight in the way he is.

  8. Oh no, Boris don’t do that! We don’t want you dying in a ditch. It’s good you are making a stand though.

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