The plastic tide is turning

Mayor Boris Johnson launched a plea for us to use less plastic bags.  Figures show that the number of plastic bags used by supermarkets has fallen by a whacking 3.5 billion in one year. 

Thin plastic bags are a major environmental problem.  Most of them have a life span of just 20 minutes before they are thrown out.  They finally end up on landfill sites, where they take a horrendous 1,000 years to biodegrade.  Our precious, beautiful wild life is horribly threatened by these bags, because the bags choke in the throats of birds and if the bags are chucked into the sea, fishes and sea creatures suffer and die.

Customers are getting the message at last and bringing in reusable bags.  The plastic tide is turning the right way, but we mustn’t give up, we must keep saying No, and No and No again, whenever we are offered a thin plastic bag.  They are poison, they are destructive, and they are a blight on the face of this beautiful planet.

5 responses to “The plastic tide is turning

  1. If the Mayor was serious about reducing plastic bag usage, he would work to ban them like in Italy, France, and the village of Modbury in Devon.

  2. I have operated in this way for many years, though have always seemed to be one of very few around these parts.

    Indeed, it is still so uncommon here that checkout operators recognise me as “that fellow with his own bags”. It might also be that I arrange all the items on the belt for convenient picking up and with the bar codes clearly visible to the checkout person…

    • You are a good example. I feel guilty, I am going to stop taking the bags now. They should start Plastic Bags Anon. for people who are finding them hard to quit…..

  3. I know. I have tried very hard as well, and the assistants are sympathetic and encourage people to bring their own bags, so it is going the right way.

  4. I always bring my own bags now and notice that lots of people do the same. It’s good to know it is having a bit of a result.

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