Cameron aides slag off Boris

In an article in the Times yesterday that reeks of jealousy, pure and simple, followers of David Cameron did themselves and him no good by attacking the Mayor in the lowest possible terms.   In the article, one of David Cameron’s supporters calls the Mayor a c…..  Has it really come to this?  Only 100 days as Prime Minister, and already Cameron’s aides are briefing against a member of their own party like Gordon Brown at his worst.borisanddave20

The article by Rachel Sylvester tries to make out that the briefings and animosity are mutual, but it seems pretty one-sided to me.    The article is all smoke and mirrors. Boris’s only crime seems to be that he strongly disagrees with David Cameron on various topics and is honest enough to say so.  Isn’t it the patriotic duty of every politician to speak up if he thinks serious mistakes are being made and isn’t that what democracy is all about?

Rachel Sylvester says “Mr. Johnson is the colourful, witty, bohemian risk taker.  David Cameron is the sensible reliable one.”  Oh really?  It’s strange then that Boris won the Mayoralty with, to quote the Guardian at the time ” ………. the best set of local election results for the Conservative party since 1992″  (his majority was 139,772, actually Rachel), but the Tory Party, under Mr. Cameron’s leadership, practically fluffed the general election.

Nobody who supports Boris would rub that in, because of loyalty to the Tories and love for this country, were it not for articles as low as this.  In a general election, Boris would never have played it cool and let it all slip, he would have been in there, fighting like hell, until polling day.  And while we are comparing, Boris would never have lost a leadership debate to someone as unsubstantial as Nick Clegg.   While Mr. Cameron was gazing dreamily into space, Nick Clegg snaffled that debate from under his nose.  Boris, who can think on his feet like lightning, wouldn’t have given a damn about his profile, his hair or what his suit looked like.  He would have sensed the drift of the debate in a flash, practically before the first words were out of Cleggy’s mouth, and flattened the pious little poser.  Those debates would have been a wipeout.

David Cameron showed boldness in the way he reacted to the difficult situation immediately after the election, and he pulled it together for the Tories.  A Cameron asset is his coolness under pressure.  Cameron is no fool and all is fair in love and war, but there is fighting fair and then there is the other thing.  We do understand the need for cuts, and I am behind George and David Cameron, to do whatever it takes.

But smears, briefings,  spin, isn’t that what we have all been praying we had left behind?  David Cameron promised he would restore the honesty and trust back to politics, and this country needs that so badly.  Surely you can have competition, however fierce, and maintain some sporting decency.   The days of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Alastair Campbell seem like an evil  nightmare.  Anything, anything rather than go back to that.

11 responses to “Cameron aides slag off Boris

  1. This is a great blog.


  3. This is absolutely out of line and I bet Cameron knew all about it. It’s true, he promised to clean up politics, and this isn’t it. So he’s PM? So what? Does that mean nobody is allowed to challenge him, even if they totally disagree? Boris thinks he can do better, he is entitled to go for it, and Cameron will just have to lump it.

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  5. I was hoping that with the advent of Cameron, it would mean more tolerance. We have had enough of the nanny state, with Gordon and Mad Hattie Harman. We don’t need the government preaching to us about our private lives or slagging off other Tories in an underhand way. We’ve had enough.

  6. Yes,the leader has to be the best, and David Cameron knows that he isn’t. Boris will always outshine him.

  7. This article is disgusting and whoever contributed to it has a damn nerve. Boris is Mayor of London. If these people have a problem with anything he has done, why not ask for a meeting and sort it out in private? But he hasn’t done anything except be brilliant and popular.

  8. I love your pithy summing up of the situation. A point well made.

    Neil, competition is healthy. If you have the talent and the ideas, and you disagree with the leadership, you have a right to go for it. The incumbent PM can’t insist that nobody contradicts him, because he is the leader, it’s absurd. This attitude, either you don’t like Boris and you are in, or you like him, so you are out, smacks of school boy bullying in the playground. It’s Cameron’s job to convince the electorate that he is right, and to repel challenges for his job, by being the best, that’s par for the course. There are ways of doing these things. The Times article was not the right way.

  9. Dave is terrified of the right wing of his party (people like me :D) finding someone to unite behind, and then the heir to Tony Blair would be unseated by a real Conservative, non some wishy washy twat with a wind turbine on his roof and smaller balls than Maggie

  10. It’s a disgraceful article, and if he sanctioned it, David Cameron ought to know better.

  11. The Times article is a really shitty piece. Some very nasty digs at Boris, and if Cameron’s staff are going to go in for this sort of this, they have to expect Boris’s supporters will dish it back, no holds barred.

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