The best rock song ever

Led Zeppelin play Since I’ve Been Loving You , truly the best rock song ever.      So much emotion is crammed into those bluesy riffs,  ripped from Jimmy Page’s guitar and his soul that it is hardly bearable.  It’s a master class in blues guitar and Robert Plant’s wild, passionate voice and unmatchable scream equal Jimmy’s talent.  Bonham’s softly padding bass pedal meshes perfectly, and  John Paul Jones’ quiet melodic keyboards balance the wildness with an almost religious feel.  In his unflashy way, John Paul Jones is just as much a genius as the others.  Unmatchable.

The Beatles used to run on,  churn out two or three boy band songs and run off, all in about 15 minutes.  Led Zeppelin loved their music so much, sometimes they would play for up to three hours,  so into it, the audience were mesmerised, frozen and rivetted into gently swaying subjection.  Pure rock genius.

7 responses to “The best rock song ever

  1. Now this really is a great rock song. Unmatchable guitar riffs from Jimmy Page and wild passionate singing from sexy Robert Plant. John Paul Jones too, introduces his own brilliant element and as for Bonham, well…..

  2. Led Zeppelin are in a class of their own, head and shoulders above the rock bands that are popular today. Way above them.

  3. Its definitely the best rock song, but not the best video, because it isn’t actually a video. LOL


    Far out. Unbelievable.

  5. John Paul Jones’ keyboards almost give a gospel feel.

  6. Nobody can compare to Led Zeppelin. Bands nowadays are milk and water compared to them.

    This was the band at the peak of their powers, later Robert Plant’s voice went off and Jimmy got lost for a while.

  7. Brilliant guitar, keyboards, drums, Led Zep are the best by a mile.

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