Movie catchup

It’s the silly season, so a good time to catch up with some reviews of the latest movies.

L’Arnacoeur.  (Heartbreaker). (French sub-titles):  The plot of  Heartbreaker is similar to the English film, My Best Friend’s Girl, but it is a far more stylish and amusing film.  Outstanding as ever is Romain Duris in the title role of a man whose business it is to break up unhappy relationships to order, helped by his sister and her husband, and they are paid for this dubious task by interested parties.  Roman Duris is supposed to be irresistible, and as he exudes sex appeal and Gallic charm, you can see why, after the first ten minutes.  Of course, he falls in love with one of the girls he is supposed to be saving, (Vanessa Paradis) and it would all seem a huge cliche, except for the brilliant acting of Duris and his ability to send himself up and play the fool.  In order to get close to her, he poses as her bodyguard, and if you have ever seen the French actor, you will know he is not exactly tall and extremely puny, hardly classic bodyguard material.  To ingratiate himself with the girl, he pretends to love her favourite film, Dirty Dancing, and learns to dance like Patrick Swayze.   Definitely worth the price of the ticket.

Eclipse. (Vampire flick and part of the famous Twilight series):   This movie is for teenagers,  so Edward and Bella do a lot of sappy gazing into each other’s eyes, in fields of pale blue and lilac flowers.  It is a touch tedious, but the teenagers I was with were obviously loving every hot and heavy second.  When Jacob and his gang shapeshift into wolves,  it starts to get exciting, and I loved the bits where vampire Jasper (the most dangerous of the Cullen family, and actually quite hot) demonstrates the military strategy on how to fight the New Borns, (new vampires).   The absolute highlight of the film is the backstory of Rosalie, when she tells Bella how she was attacked by the man whom she planned to marry and his drunken friends.  She gets her revenge in spectacular fashion, once she becomes a vampire, by donning a wacko bridal outfit and ripping them all to pieces like a demented Harriet Harman on the rampage.  Hilarious.

Breathless.  (French subtitles, 50th anniversary).  Godard’s feature debut is an iconic example of the French New Wave, one of the most stylish and influential movements in film history. Cigarettes, hats, sunglasses and unconformity make Michel Poiccard (Belmondo) a true cinematic icon. Playing against the stunning Jean Seberg he smokes his way through a series of sexy gallic exchanges in the ultra cool Paris of the 1960’s. It’s the “‘Nouvelle vague’, tough guys, and the beauty and treachery of women, French, sexy, cool as hell.

4 responses to “Movie catchup

  1. Eclipse is enjoyable. The characters are very well drawn, even if the plots are weak sometimes. I’m glad Eclipse makes more use of the other Cullens because they are amazing characters.

  2. amandaanne, you should watch “Moliere” starring Romain Duris. So beautiful, witty, touching, the most perfect film. You can easily get the DVD from amazon.

  3. I loved “Heartbreaker”! It is funny and Roman Duris is so cute when he dances like Patrick Swayze. He really can move too.

    I also loved Eclipse. ~(blush)

  4. Breathless is a great film. They don’t make them like this anymore.

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