Betting odds for next Tory Party leader

The betting odds for next Tory Party leader and also for the next Mayor of London are here, as taken from Oddschecker.

Next Tory Party leader:  The results are as follows.  Oddschecker gives various odds, but they all produce the same order of results.  In third place, according to Paddy Power is George Osborne, at 5/1.  In second place, at odds of 4.1, is William Hague.  In first place is Boris Johnson at odds of 3/1.

Next Mayor of London:  The results are as follows.  In third, place, Oona King at odds of 5/1.  In second place, dodgy Ken Livingstone at odds of 2/1.  Top contender is Boris Johnson at odds of 5/4.

5 responses to “Betting odds for next Tory Party leader

  1. Any gossip about Boris might lose him a few votes, but that is more than balanced out by all the women turned on by the idea.

  2. I don’t get the Blair thing either. Boris for me.

  3. Neil, you make brilliant point. Who the hell wants to be the heir to Blair, a traitorous, self regarding, shallow, selfish, money grubbing liar?

    Tony Blair is so unpopular, he has to live abroad. Most decent people in the UK despise him. But the Tory party still talk about being the heir to Blair, are they total idiots?

  4. Hmm let me see someone who is intelligent, very funny with strong beliefs and convictions vs a cold fish from Whitney who thinks he is the natural successor to the ginger war criminal Tony Blair as leader of the Conservative Party

    Bit of a no brainer really vote Boris for everything, if I lived in London Boris would get my vote, but I’m stuck in Oxfordshire keeping an eye on a twat with a wind turbine on his roof

  5. Ken is obviously planning to run a smear campaign. Good to see that it hasn’t worked.

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