Dare to bare

After long dresses, the strongest trend is plunging necklines.  Wow!  Avert your eyes, red blooded males, or you will be in free fall down the model’s cleavage.

Designer Alexandre Vauthier made a valiant fashion statement with deep V necklines in his couture collection.   While some of the garments weren’t too revealing,  some plunged down to the model’s navels.  As hemlines and the economy sink, so do our necklines.  I can see the WAGs ruining this look:  if you see it on Jordan, stay away from her!   Go off piste and you will never be seen again.

Princess Bea cottons on to the trend, and she looks fantastic.  Her curvaceous figure and small waist are highlighted and she is on holiday, in a beach setting, so this dress is not inappropriate.

4 responses to “Dare to bare

  1. The purple number looks great on the model, but imagine it on Jodie Marsh! It’s too much, nobody could wear this except on a beach.

  2. This look is too much. The model is very beautiful, but you cannot wear such a revealing dress in public. I wouldn,t even like to wear it for a private dinner party.

    As you say, imagine the WAGS. Vulgar beyond belief.

  3. You are so right. The model has a classically beautiful face and fantastic posture. She looks so lovely. On the wrong person, can you imagine?

  4. That truly is low cut! It’s absolutely beuatiful when you have the model figure or even a curvey one but it could be very, very ugly on the wrong shape!

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