Boris battles ‘Ealth and Safety

A couple from Dulwich, the Schonrocks,  want their kids to cycle one mile to school, on their bikes, but the school is objecting and has warned the parents this must not happen.

Telescreens from the film “1984”. Boris believes there is too much state intervention.

In his Daily Telegraph article this morning, Boris says:

“What do they want? They want their children, aged eight and five, to have the right to walk or cycle one mile to school. They have found a route that seems perfectly safe to them – involving one crossing of the road, with the assistance of a lollipop lady or other parents. In doing so, they have scandalised the apparatus of the modern British state, because they have enough faith in their children, and in the safety of London’s streets, to allow them to do this on their own. “We wanted to create the simple freedom of our childhood,” says Oliver Schonrock. “Like everybody else our age, we spent a lot more time with our friends playing in the streets or parks without parental supervision and without our parents becoming unduly worried.”

It seems to me that these days life is rife with nosey parkers and busy bodies, dying to poke their noses into the affairs of other people.  They are probably hanging from upstairs windows with sets of  binoculars, with nothing better to do than impose their views on others. Some well wisher reported the Schonrocks to the school, and the Schonrocks were told they were not allowed to let their kids cycle the one mile back and forth from school unaccompanied.  If they continue to allow their kids to cycle alone, they will be reported to social services.

Boris says: ” But the fundamental point is that this is the business of the parents and not that of the state. If Mr and Mrs Schonrock have carefully assessed the route, and considered the advantages and disadvantages, then they should overwhelmingly be given the benefit of the doubt and the freedom to make up their own minds.”

Hear, hear, Boris and I wonder if your intervention will make any difference to the outcome of this scenario.  For the sake of the Schonrocks and their children, I do hope so.

6 responses to “Boris battles ‘Ealth and Safety

  1. I love the picture.

  2. Gosh Pollee! I loathe Gary Glitter. But I think the area they go to school in is a very safe area. I am on BJ’s side over this.
    Thanks for your comment though!

    Go Holland!

  3. The immense dangers of five & eight year olds alone on the streets are well known in the media.

    Its all very well raising the dislike of an overarching nanny state. But, letting parents risk childrens lives in return for freedom from the School run is unforgivable in my view.

    Where’s the duty of care that comes with parenthood?

    I know several adults that would lovingly cherish these children in place of the barren lives they lead.

    Letting parents make their own decisions is one thing. But, lets ask the McCanns if it looks like the parents have their priorities wrong on this occasion?

    Gary Glitter,
    Peaodophilia Prison!

  4. It sounds like a safe area, so the parents should be allowed to make this decision for themselves.

  5. That’s a good idea about the new Your Freedom website, John.

    Somebody ought to suggest that ASAP.

  6. I fully agree with Boris here. I also walked to school (about a mile) from a few weeks after starting at age 5, and later cycling, and it worked fine.

    I enjoyed it, and it helped me develop into the self-reliant and independently minded person I grew up to become. Of course, the left-overs from the previous Labour government can’t stand the thought of anyone not being controlled and watched at all times…

    If any of the current nonsense is embedded in legislation, H&S or other, then it seems to me to be a prime contender for inclusion in the great Repeal Bill that is coming, and should be suggested at the new Your Freedom website.

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