Dutch stubborness beats Brazil

Holland came from one goal down to do the impossible.  They beat the world champions, Brazil, 2-1, in an unbelievable exhibition of  stoicism and strength.  The Dutch are a thoughtful, friendly, patient people.  They know how to wait quietly and endure under occupation, until their moment of liberation comes. 


Brazil scored first, and by half time, it looked like an inevitable Brazilian victory.  Holland seemed to have little left to give and all the commentators seemed to think it was in the bag for Brazil.  When Holland came back onto the pitch, a couple of Dutch jaws were thrusting forward in a rather determined manner.  With a Dutch mother, who raised me on Edam, Gouda, and thickly applied Lurpak butter, it’s a look I know well.  After 10 minutes, unbelievably, the Dutch had scored the equalizer,  from a fine pass by Wesley Sneijder.

Holland stayed calm.

Brazil went all out for another quick goal, but their invention was dashed against the rock of Dutch intractability.  Frustrated, the Latin temperament of the Brazilians seemed to explode.  They lost their shape, their discipline and their composure.  When Sneijder scored again from a corner, with a header, making it 2-1 to Holland, Brazil went into overdrive, so much so that one of their players was sent off, for tripping Arjen Robben, and then viciously stamping on him.   Brazil were down to 10 men by the 74th minute.

Brazil gave it everything, but the Dutch hung on until the end.  History has shown us how stubborn Dutch patience can endure, and so it was today. Holland have now played 24  games without a defeat.    If Holland beat the Germans, for me, that will make up for everything.   They next meet the winner of Ghana and Uraguay.  Holland to win the World Cup, Hup Holland Hup!

A choice of great videos showing all the highlights of this fantastic game can be found here.

13 responses to “Dutch stubborness beats Brazil

  1. The guy on the picture is not Felipe Melo, it’s Michel Bastos. BTW, besides being calm the dutch jump like popcorn…

    • thanks for your correction, will change the pic. heading!

    • ps. I know that Van Bommel was pushing his luck, he was lucky not to get a card…..

      But the Dutch did keep their heads to the final whistle, I am so happy! Brazil are such a brilliantly talented side.

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    • Thank you so much. What a great game, I enjoyed it more than any other game so far! Hope Holland go on to win.

  3. Some criticism in the press of Van Bommel and Arjen Robben. Come off it, the Brazilians were no angels, they were just as provocative. It’s like what you said, the Dutch did what it took to survive.

    A brilliant win, well done Holland.

  4. Holland fought back brilliantly, and Brazil couldn’t take it. They expected an easier game, and panicked when they couldn’t break down the Dutch.

    The Dutch were streetwise, but they didn’t foul as much as the Brazilians, they used their heads.

    Huge shock, great drama, brilliant to watch.

  5. German juggernaut rolls over Argentina. Come on Holland!

  6. Come on Holland! So many people are backing Holland now!

  7. The Dutch also know the art of unobtrusive guerilla tactics.

    I love Arjen’s bland expression when furiously confronted.

  8. I would love to see Holland beat Germany in the final.

  9. So would I and I suspect, the whole of the UK!

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