Catty Carla snipes at SamCam

Most women would faint at the thought of being photographed next to Carla Bruni, but SamCam seems to have sailed past all obstacles with aplomb.  Carla’s comments on her website about Sam were tetchy, bordering on catty.

On her website, she describes Mrs. Cameron as “kind of” fashionable, with a maverick style.  She then says SamCam is aristocratic but bohemian, and goes on to say that Mrs. Cameron mentioned that Dave had some bad habits.  Carla tutted “Such criticisms of an exceptional man!”  I wouldn’t worry about Dave, Carla, he looks pretty happy to me.  Carla is known for backhanded compliments, once had a go at the Pope and posted a rude sketch of Sarah Brown, that Sarah had the sense to laugh about.

In the fashion world, catty comments are an unerring sign that someone regards you as a threat.  Sexual allure is nothing to do with the designer clothes that you wear and certainly not only about having a perfect body.  SamCam is talented and artistic, not bohemian.

Let’s face it, it would be wrong to be catty in return, but Carla has certainly been around the block, without appearing  to have the warmth that such a fact would imply.  It’s fascinating that Sam has aristocratic forebears, (she is descended from Nell Gwynn), and her naturalness and style are appealing.  Carla’s look screams high maintenance and she is continually aware of her own appearance.   Her gaze is hard and can seem positively  frightening if she isn’t centre stage.

SamCam’s friendliness and relaxed savoir faire probably rattled the little French clothes horse, who is President Sarkozy’s third wife.

8 responses to “Catty Carla snipes at SamCam

  1. It looked like Samantha Cameron politely attempted to demurely give way to France’s visiting 1st female (only my view).

    However, there’s no doubt that on the European stage, Mrs Sarkozy has met her match in many aspects.

  2. Let’s face it Pollee, David Cameron is a bit of a hunk. Maybe Carla thought he paid too much attention to his wife, whom he is known to adore. She does seem to think the limelight is her right, so sounds like her nose was out of joint to me.

  3. Carla Bruni is nearing 40 and her marital situation doesn’t seem that stable. She still seems to think she can get any man she wants, and she said how much she wanted to meet DC before she came to London.

    I don’t think she is his type though.

  4. She is hard and horrible. Who fancies following in the footsteps of Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton, added to which she is Le Bitch.

  5. Ha ha, naughty Sam, saying to Carla that Dave is untidy, and fiddles with his Blackberry.
    No harm in being honest, they are a devoted couple.

  6. Carla really fancies herself, but she is nearing 40. I agree her gaze is most unpleasant and she is going mad with the Botox.

  7. I’ve never liked Carla Bruni. I don’t think she is that pretty either.

  8. Hug-A-Hoody is just not my type – too many appendages. Besides, any descendent of Nell Gwynne is bound to have a little minx in her and that sounds purrrfect.

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