Boris wins court order to evict peace camp

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson,  has won a High Court Order to evict the Peace Protesters from Parliament Square Gardens. The enforcement of the Order is delayed until 4 pm. on Friday, pending any application to the Court of Appeal  to challenge his ruling.

On the BBC1 news this evening,  Sir Simon Milton speaking on behalf of the Mayor said that the Mayor respected the views of the protesters and he respected the right to demonstrate. But as reported in tonight’s London Standard, Mr. Justice Griffiths Williams said:

“There was a pressing social need not to permit an indefinite camped protest on the site for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others to access all of Parliament Square Gardens and demonstrate with authorisation – but also importantly for the protection of health.

He noted that the camp had no running water or toilet facilities and there was evidence of criminal damage to the flower beds, graffiti and other related unlawful activity. There was also evidence that it was acting as a magnet, attracting the homeless who were taking advantage of the lack of control, and there was heavy drinking.”

The Mayor is pleased the order was granted because he was concerned at the damage to the Square, which is a top tourist attraction.  He hopes that the protesters will respect the ruling of the court, consider the rights of others, and leave peacefully.

May I point out to all the drama queens calling Boris obscene names on twitter, than the protesters are not being stopped from protesting.  That is their right. Boris has said he respects the motives of the protesters and supports the right to protest.  So far from preventing protest, the Mayor would let them protest until they turn blue in the face and drop dead from old age.  What he is saying is it is wrong to hijack a public area.  The Square belongs to everyone.  I would go so far as to say it is undemocratic.  But protesting….. carry on.

4 responses to “Boris wins court order to evict peace camp

  1. You are right when yu say that people are misrepresenting this to mean that Boris is preventing protest. He is not preventing protest in any way whatsoever.

    He is objecting to the hijacking of a public place, which is different. Brian Haw is not part of the Peace Camp is he is being allowed to remain to demo on the pavement.

  2. People on twitter are trying to twist this into a hateful Tories thing. They know really that the camp is unsanitary, or else they don’t grasp the fact that no-one is being prevented from protesting.

  3. Yes. It is very annoying how some of the twitterati are representing this. They are not being robbed of the right to protest at all. Just prevented from the hijacking and fouling of public places, which is clearly wrong.

  4. Boris is the last person to do anything to prevent free speech.

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