Jon Stewart on soccer rivalry and McChrystal

Jon Stewart has finally discovered soccer and as part of a super funny programme, discusses soccer rivalry and the supremacy of the US team.  (video here.)  The whole show is one of Jon’s best.
He then goes on to satirise the Rolling Stone interview which led to the dismissal of General Stanley McChrystal, by President Obama and the absurd reaction by one of the Fox News presenters, (videohere).
Jon Stewart in full flow, then teases the  Too Cool for School President, and No Drama Obama,  one of his funniest riffs.  The section is not yet available on video, but I will post it as soon as it appears.  And as a totally hyperchondriac Jew, as he describes himself, Stewart then has a lot of fun with the President’s doctor.

If only we had a satirist like Jon Stewart in the UK!   Rory Bremner cannot compare.  I am waiting for the day Boris Johnson appears on Jon’s programme, what a treat that would be.

Jon’s brilliant satirical show The Daily Show, is on the More channel,  every night at 8.30 pm.

7 responses to “Jon Stewart on soccer rivalry and McChrystal

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  2. An intellectual is someone who has found something more interesting than sex.

  3. I wish we could see all his programmes on video over here, it is hard getting hold of some of them.

  4. Jon Stewart is terrific, genuinely funny and intelligent.

  5. angelneptunestar

    I bet the US do believe they can win the World Cup. Which is good in a way.

  6. angelneptunestar

    This really is one of Jon Stewart’s best, that joke about the UK playing the Germans is a classic.

  7. Rory Bremner has lost his touch. He cannot mimic David Cameron, his efforts are pathetic, nor can he do Boris, and his humour has no cutting edge. Stewart knocks spots off him.

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