Happy Birthday to our Mayor

 It is Mayor Boris Johnson’s birthday today, so Happy Birthday to our Mayor. 

It would be nice to give him a song for his birthday, but conventional birthday wishes seem a bit dull.  

Someone told me the Mayor liked rock music, so hopefully  this video will be perfect, to wish him a Punk Rock Happy Birthday from all his loyal  fans


8 responses to “Happy Birthday to our Mayor

  1. Boris, we needed you on the pitch last night!

  2. Have you seen Boris’ rap video?

  3. Happy birthday Boris Johnson! Rooneyfan, it’s true. twitter was flooded with tweets saying if only Boris was playing. Iain Dale has thought of a team with Boris as captain, and George and John Redwood are also playing. Will get the team list and put it here.

  4. Happy Birthday Boris! We need you, stay our Mayor for ever (unless you become PM and that would be even better).

  5. Happy Birthday to you!

  6. Happy birthday Boris.

  7. Some birthday wishes for Boris on twitter.

    From @JaakMaate
    Happy birthday @tristopiatv & Boris Johnson. I don’t know who is the funnier, I really don’t.

    From @jigglybell
    RT @MrPitt: Happy birthday Boris Johnson!

    byebye. love boris johnson x

    Happy birthday Boris Johnson!

    Chorus of “Happy birthday” in Hyde Park, Joburg, for London mayor Boris Johnson.

    @MayorOfLondon This is one different mayor in the World ! Gwen Ramakgopa hope you meet and share how he does it !

    Gambon calling Boris Johnson an old fart is ironic. #ihategambon Happy Birthday Boris.

    I need to meet @MayorofLondon aka Boris Johnson, to have a snapshot! @HoneyHolly1
    Happy Birthday Boris.

    RT @djplastician Boris Johnson should be selected to play for England: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uOivzoRc0I8

  8. Have a great birthday Boris.

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