England freeze

Last night  England defeated themselves.  They had nothing to fear against Algeria except fear itself and fear won. Limp lettuce doesn’t begin to describe it.

Sorry Ken, but once again Mayor Boris Johnson made the right call.  It was much much better that such a dire performance was not beamed out on huge T.V. screens to a suicidal nation.  The common sense of our Mayor has been proved right again, it would have been a total disaster.

Last night and this morning, twitter is awash with cries for Boris Johnson to captain our football team,  if only!   Wayne Rooney didn’t help himself by swearing at booing fans.  It’s not too late, but our situation is as desperate as desperate gets.  The only consolation is that other teams seem afflicted by the same stage fright as England.  France lost, Spain lost, even the insensitive Germans fluffed a penalty and lost.

The teams with low rankings are going for it and have nothing to lose.  The top ranked teams are terrified about the damage to their reputations and are weighted down with the burden of expectation.  If we win over Slovenia, we can qualify, we have one last chance.


A tweet from @NadiaNeophytou, who has the latest news of Boris’s view of our football chances and the tactics of our team!  Take heart from this,

“Boris Johnson says he thinks the England team has been lulling the other sides in2 a false sense of security;reckons they will still do well.”

7 responses to “England freeze

  1. It’s true. Boris was very sensible deciding not to pay for big screens to watch the footie, the way things turned out. This has definitely been for the best.

  2. On Twitter, @mushievie commented:

    “London Mayor Boris Johnson, who was at the match, told a source: ‘What was that? That was diabolical.”

    Truthful as ever.

  3. It was like an awful nightmare that wouldn’t go away. I couldn’t watch.

  4. They better pull themselves together by next Wednesday. I thought they’d win 3-0 and even Boris thought 2-0.

    I say even because I sense sarcasm under his words. Not that I blame him.

  5. It was dire. Appalling. No fight, spirit, nothing. What is wrong?

  6. Part of it is the burden of expectation. That isn’t on teams like Algeria, and they just go for it.

  7. Something is clearly badly wrong with the team. Someone who knows said to me the team fought with the coach, and they were all upset, particularly Rooney.

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