Does Obama have another agenda?

Forget about pouring oil on troubled waters, and all working together to solve the crisis with cool heads, as Mayor Boris Johnson suggested.  President Obama is still determined to butch it up.  He is adopting such a forceful attitude to BP, he might as well be saying “I’m going to peckerslap those Globo Jim b……s!” (Dodgeball the movie). A controversial US blogger, Stu Tarlowe, says the President is using the crisis to carry out another agenda.

Ahead of a crucial meeting with the chairman of BP, President Obama said to the press he will order BP to set up a fund to compensate victims and to help the region recover from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico,  America’s worst ever global disaster. US politicians are calling on BP to place £13.5 billion in a special account to deal with damage claims.

There are some of us who wish that the US concern for the victims of dreadful national disasters had existed in 1984.   Union Carbide, a US company, was then responsible for the Bhopal disaster, that killed 3,000 people instantly in India and it was proven there were massive safety failures.  The Chief Executive of the company signed an undertaking to face charges, but having been given bail, he returned to the US, and in 2004, America rejected a bid to extradite him.  This disaster, the world’s worst industrial accident, left 500,000 people with damage to their breathing, sight and mental health.  In 1989, Union Carbide paid £313 million, in full and final settlement. Each victim received just £350.

In 1988, an explosion on the Piper Alpha North Sea Oil production platform, owned by US company Occidental Petroleum,  killed 167 workers, including seven children.  An inquiry heavily criticised Occidental for scrimping on safety, but no charges were ever brought.  There was no diatribe from PM Margaret Thatcher against the US, nor did she ever make political capital out of the tragedy.

Controversial US blogger Stu Tarlowe has another explanation for the President’s bullish attitude, and he seems to be saying that Obama is merely using the crisis to his advantage.  We simply don’t know, but one thing we do know is that whatever mistakes BP has made, and nobody is denying there have been serious mistakes, the price they are paying in terms of damage to the company, can only hinder the resolution of the problem.

There is an interesting article by astrologer Archie Duncan on President Obama and the oil  spill here.

11 responses to “Does Obama have another agenda?

  1. Back off Obama.

  2. There are places the world over scarred by failed oil extraction, refinery, its transportation and much more.

    Its conversion into littering items also impacts across our oceans – gathering in sufficiently bulky volumes to cease the progress of some boats.

    As we know BP et al, are comfortable to spend ‘big bucks’ on ‘environmental spin’ to convince us of the ‘green’ credentials of the post-extraction element of their industry. However, the resulting ‘bang’ of BP incorrectly piping a deep oceanic oilhead – the failure of which immediately cost 17(?) lives, the gulf region an insurmountable financial, wellbeing and emotional figure, plus, everyone associated & invested in the company $400bn+ right now – means that BP et al should willingly accept everything they suffer for repeatedly getting their priorities so very wrong, no matter from where or who critical opinion and financial redress originates.

    But I doubt they will have to because Obama continues to mishandle this matter and it is he himself that may suffer the demons that a great many, not me, have always wished on him. For me, this isnt significant but what is more so, is that not only do numerous senior BP management repeatedly continue to make gaffes in front of the media, but subsequent activities appear ill prepared to say the least with those responsible seemingly underwhelmed. This lack of personal & corporate ability, I suggest, alludes to a lack of desirable skills and consideration in many sectors of the industry where its obviously essential – the bean counters should never be in a position to over-rule the engineers, but they are.

    Short-cutting engineering work rarely succeeds and BP are found making entirely unadulterated, incorrect decisions of mammoth significance; To support the bottom line. On a project that was pushing the envelope on all points of known capabilities. With scant regard or preparedness for failure.

    However, while the lack of containment consideration and prepared contingencies should be unforgivable, there’s no doubt that BP et al will continue getting away with a great deal until the very last drop of black gold emerges from a planet populated by vehicle drivers, drinkers of liquids from plastic bottles and buyers of the insurmountable disposable products that litter even the most sacred of extreme locations such as mountain peaks, deserts, ranges and plains. Therefore, regardless of the spin and lip-service heard from many parties, this spillage in the Gulf will go the way of those like the Exxon Valdeez
    []. In the grand scheme of things, the commercial, legal and media protection offered to an industry that ensures connections profit from extracting one of Earths limited minerals, will result in the commercial impact being a mere blip on the books and not even a ghost on social media trending topics.

  3. Richard Nixon is a no good, lying bastard. He can lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and if he ever caught himself telling the truth, he’d lie just to keep his hand in.

  4. Denzil is off his trolley. How did he jump to all those weird conclusions?

  5. Denzil seems to be leaping to wild conclusions.

  6. That link really explains a lot.

  7. Thanks, Neil. I didn’t know any of this, but I seem to have hit a nerve!

  8. Obama has a hidden agenada that is directly linked to this Climate Change and the Cap and Trade scam.

    Before Copenhagen Obama was all the science is settled and Obama, Brown, Rudd, Sarkozy all thought they were going to give billions of dollars to third world dictators, Climategate stopped the scam dead in the water.

    Now Obama is trying to use BP and oil drilling to force his Cap n Trade scam through.

    You can expect people to get upset for you having a go at King Hussein, keep up the good work

  9. Hi Denzil, I’m glad you had a laugh at my post, because fun is good.

    “So you think that because oil firms have gotten away with murder in the past, they should continue to do so?” Where on earth did I say that?

    “Maggie Thatcher being in the pocket of Big Oil and the Americans at the time is a good thing? ” What is your evidence for this remark?

    “Boohoo, everyone’s being so mean to BP!”
    What makes you think I think that?

    You are totally misinterpreting what I wrote so short of getting into a “did” “didn’t” situation, we can’t make much progress.

  10. What a ridiculous parroting of a transparent right-wing meme.

    So you think that because oil firms have gotten away with murder in the past, they should continue to do so? Maggie Thatcher being in the pocket of Big Oil and the Americans at the time is a good thing?

    Boohoo, everyone’s being so mean to BP! Listen, it’s half American-owned, so don’t pull the “victimized Brits” nonsense. They screwed up, as they’ve been screwing up by cutting corners on safety for years, and their chickens have now come home to roost.

    You refer to Tarlowe as if his was some revelatory piece of writing. How hard does reality have to slap people across the face before they realize that change is needed because the world itself is changing?

    Oil is running out. We adapt now when we have some choice as to how to do so, or wait until we HAVE to take measures, when the choices will be all the starker, fewer and far less palatable. And Obama’s acceptance of that is somehow sinister?

    What would be sinister would be if he stuck his fingers in his ears and went “la la la la” as Bush did (actually, he went further than that, which is why this whole mess happened in the first place), and as it looks like Turlowe and you would prefer.


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