Aspects of love, Part 2

Obsession, celibacy, sexual domination and a slave to love.

Sea Serpents by Gustav Klimt

Sparked off by an article in the Sunday Times Review, on January 10th, that stated all that people talked about now was casual sex, I wrote Aspects of Love part one .  In Ancient Greece, it was appreciated what a complicated emotion love is. In astrology too, the asteroids represent different forms of the emotion of love, including the dark side.  These negative aspects in astrology are symbolised by Pluto (once a planet, but now demoted to an asteroid), Vesta, Lilith and Toro.

Pluto.  Love as obsession.   Pluto symbolises sexual passion, and its power can transform the love between two people through the healing  power of its intensity. If manifested negatively, Pluto can mean obsession.  The couple cannot exist apart, but often the relationship burns itself out in the heat of sexual compulsion.  If the obsession is one sided, there is hell to pay. The Glenn Close character in the film Fatal Attraction typifies one sided obsession.  The relationship of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor was marked by fiery, physical rows and even more passionate reconciliations.  Jealousy, selfishness, domination and possessiveness, all emotions associated with Pluto, held sway.  A Pluto ruled relationship may be exciting, but unless the couple take pause, renounce selfishness and move on to the transformative element of Pluto, the relationship usually implodes,  and in very extreme cases, it destroys one or both of the participants.

Sex as fear and sexual repression.  In Greek mythology, Vesta was the oldest daughter  of Saturn, and sister of Ceres, Juno, Pluto, Neptune and Jupiter. She was so fond of a single life, that when her brother Jupiter ascended the throne, and offered to grant whatever she asked, her only desires were the preservation of her virginity, and the first oblation in all sacrifices. Some people are so aware of the power of sex to destroy as well as transform, that they choose celibacy, channeling their sexual power into a vocation or career.  Queen Elizabeth I is a possible  example.  (She never married, but might have had affairs.)  Saint Theresa of Avila and Saint Bernadette of Lourdes renounced sexual passion for God. 

Toro – power struggles, confrontations and deviation.   Toro, the Spanish word for bull, as an asteroid represents the principle of boundless strength and power, brute force and aggression.    Lisbeth Salander, the computer hacker who was the main female character in the Stieg Larsson series,( the first book of which was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, ) was a victim of this type of relationship.  The books have been a publishing  sensation.              

Water Nymphs by Gustav Klimt

 Lilith – slave to love.  This asteroid symbolises women who dominate men sexually, to get what they want.  According to Hebrew tradition, Lilith was the first wife of Adam, who wished to rule over her, despite her belief that they were equal.  She eventually left him, choosing freedom over subjugation.  In Hebrew folk lore, as punishment for leaving her husband, Lilith was regarded as the personification of feminine evil, a dark , alluring demoness, with a lot of repressed anger, who seduced men to have her wicked way with them and get everything she wanted.  When financier Conrad Black met Barbara Amiel, she was described thus by Max Hastings.  “A vision of fine cheekbones and huge, deep, penetrating eyes, …a mane of black hair and swathed in furs.”  She was a femme fatale incarnate.  Falling madly in love with her, Conrad Black married her and ended up ruined.  Nobody would be unfair enough to say it was all Barbara’s fault, but her self-confessed “extravagance that knows no bounds” certainly didn’t help. *    These examples are all extreme, but we need to make sure we turn to the positive, healing side of love, renouncing selfishness or we will nurture the seeds of the negative forms of love that lie within us all.

Conrad and Lady Black.  Tom Bowyers

8 responses to “Aspects of love, Part 2

  1. Madame! So sweet of you to say that. Hope you aren’t leaving us, you are so entertaining.

  2. For if he like a madman lived, At least he like a wise one died.

  3. Aaah obsession! Fatal Attraction, jealousy, passion, we have all been there, lol.

  4. I like the sound of Lilith. Wish she would give me some tips!

  5. This is actually very thought provoking, because those “Plutonic” type relationships can be healing if you do rise above the jealousy and selfishness. It is true.

  6. Lovely blog. I liked the part about Lilith.

  7. Carla Bruni is a bit of a Lilith. Isn’t she though?

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