Mayor of New Orleans misses the point

Mayor of New Orleans,  Mitch Landrieu, has a pop back at Boris, for daring to say we should stop the blame game.  (report here) Unable to fault the truth of Boris’s statement, Landrieu stooped to misrepresention of our Mayor’s meaning so that he childishly could play one upmanship.  


beautiful New Orleans

Boris is quite right.  President Obama’s snarky comments were out of order, and bringing down BP will do nobody any good, but Mayor Landrieu twisted our Mayor’s words to imply that all Boris cared about was the financial aspect, saying he was only worried about investment portfolios.

The Yanks, said Mayor Landrieu grandly, through the  Gulf Coast officials, are trying to protect a way of life.

“Quite frankly, I would suggest that London Mayor Boris Johnson park his anger at the waters’ edge and redirect it towards BP,” Landrieu said. “This is not America vs. Great Britain.   It’s people, families and their livelihoods versus a negligent corporation that is responsible for the loss of 11 lives and an oil spill that threatens our coast, our environment, and our economy.

“In fact, our entire way of life is at risk. So we are going to hold BP accountable for the damage done,” he said. “While Mayor Johnson is concerned about their pension funds, we’re concerned about the lives and livelihoods of our people.”

So this is not American V. Great Britain?  Tell that to your President, Mayor Landrieu.   For an accurate report of what Boris did say, read it here. And  by the way!  Britain stood by you when most of Europe ducked out.  We also suffered the horrible knock-on effects of US subprime mortgages, with barely a whimper.  The Mayor of London is absolutely entitled to speak the truth when this country is getting it in the neck from your President, so my advice is, think about the truth of what he is saying, instead of twisting his meaning and just suck it up.

12 responses to “Mayor of New Orleans misses the point

  1. Here is the latest. I hope the link works for you. Again, it is BP saying one thing and doing another. The press wants access to the clean up workers on public property and have been denied access. It is against the law, and “corporate” BP says access can occur, but on the ground , access is denied.

    This is just an example how BP is stepping on our rights as US citizens. It is, and make no mistake about it, BP running the show.
    This is a small one, but it is the latest. The first I remember was BP, in signing up shrimpers who were put out of work by the spill had to sign a document waiving BP of all future damages. When the Shrimpers Union leaders saw it, they exploded and BP backed down. It has been down hill from there. Lie, after lie, after lie. 1000 Barrels per day is now 20,000 barrels per day. They low ball because they are fined per barrel, yet clean up personel is based per barrel also so we were unprepared and precious time was wasted in protecting the coast. I understand why the retirees are upset. As I said I am losing money in this too. But money cannot buy back my beautiful Louisiana coastland and its wonderful wildlife. Money cannot buy back my irreplacable city of New Orleans, that WILL be lost in a bad hurricane when oil destroys what little protection the marshes give us from hurricanes. Money means NOTHING when you look at it though the lens of what we are losing.

  2. Also, I think this is why Boris has such passionate, dedicated fans. The truth is a beautiful thing. When someone has the courage to speak up, because something needs saying, that shows a lot of moral courage. Few politicians have that sort of courage, they are always thinking of the implications, what’s in it for them, who will they be offending and is that person useful to them?

    Boris isn’t like that, so he attracts a certain sort of adulation, from the truth seekers of this world.

  3. Nessie, I totally agree with you….. I used to put Obama on a pedestal……he apparently needs those US companies you mention in his campaign. It is just outrageous that BP is taking the flak alone.

    At least Boris has the gumption to speak up for us…….. The City are right behind him, so are all the major newspapers, so are many leading Tories.

  4. Let’s be honest. BP is easier to say & spell than Transcocean & Haliburton. Mustn’t upset US Co., must he.
    As always, Boris stands up & walks where lesser politicians fear to tread!
    Well done Boris. Right behind you.

  5. I am so sorry you are upset and you must believe me, I truly am. If you could send me any links, I should be grateful.

    Please do not blame our Mayor, who is only trying to defend us and prevent pensioners suffering if BP goes down. He is not just obsessed with the financial aspect, he is not that sort of man.

    Boris Johnson, is a highly intelligent, deep thinking man, who cares deeply about the welfare of this country. He would not wish to upset you, and we all love him to pieces.

    Thanks for contacting me and it is good to talk.

  6. NOBODY is angry at the British. Zero, Zed, Nada, It is all BP. Don’t let your press sell you a bunch of hooey, because that is all it is. Your mayor is playing politics with a horrible disaster. It is sickening. The way to end this is for Boris to come to Louisiana and go to the marshes. Tell him to come see the death and destruction to animal and human life. He will never use it for his political gain again if he has a soul. I have been to London and really enjoyed it. In many ways it it like New Orleans. Don’t be put in a fenzy by a non-existent break in relations.
    As to BP, they have been UNBELIEVABLY HORRIBLE. I own stock in the company and maybe they are great at oil, but in dealing with the public or in preventing damage from a spill, they do not have a clue. It is heartbreaking. Do you want details? It is very ugly.

  7. No, the film of Boris’s remarks are all over New Orleans news and we know what he said. People are angry with reason, BP has lied over and over and over again about the gusher in the Gulf. We are not angry with the British people at all, but we our furious at BP for their negligence in operations. Boris telling us to “stuff it” doesn’t help anyone. Thank you Mitch for defending the city.

    • Doctorj2u, you may not be angry with the British people, but we do not get that impression from your President. He does seem to be whipping up anti-British feeling, and so we do feel we need someone to defend us. We were all deeply grateful to the Mayor of London.

      We have tried to be a good friend to the US and the feeling here is, we supported you in the Iraq War far more than the rest of Europe. We suffered the effects of subprime mortgages and we did not whip up ANY anti-US feeling. In spite of our help, we are now the whipping boys.

      Look at what the US Consul said about our football team, that the US were men who were going to crush our little boys! What is the point of that sort of inflammatory remark?

      What the Mayor said was there is absolutely no need for this sort of hostility, either from the President or the Mayor of Orleans or the US Consul. It would be better to have cool heads. We all admired Obama so much and we don’t feel we deserve his censure, and nor do BP.

      Maybe BP felt they were being scapegoated and that is why they kept information back. They were only one of three companies on that oil rig, the other two were American, but BP is getting all the blame.

      Boris is not into blame, he thinks it is a waste of time, he is into finding solutions.

  8. Let them fight in Iraq on their own then, stuff ’em, bring our boys home.

  9. Very childish reaction from the Mayor of New Orleans and he is totally, obviously deliberately, misinterpreting Boris.

  10. Of course Boris is concerned about the financial future of BP. And it was an accident.

    But his main point is there is no point for Obama stirring up anti-Brit feeling, the blame game is pointless, all that matters is pulling together and solving the crisis.

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