Adam Lambert wants it all

Adam Lambert came, he saw, he conquered! One look from those stunning ice blue eyes, a flash of sooty black eye lashes and, male and female,  Adam Lambert had the US on its knees.

It didn’t even matter than he came second not first in American Idol. His singing blew out America’s shock gasket and the show never recovered from the explosion.  The next season,  this year, was dull as ditchwater, but superstars only come once in a lifetime.   Adam was born a superstar. (You need to see him moving and talking now, on a video.)

Today, I’m taking the outrageous talent as a given.  I’m not going to rhapsodise about the amazing voice, the electrifying stage presence,  the ability to interpret a song like no-one else and make it totally his own….you know all that.   I’m getting down to the raw material.

Adam wants more.

Adam is a rocker, but cleverly he forswears grunge.  His skin is clear as a baby’s and dewy fresh and clean.  Add to that lush blue black hair grown to a pompadour Elvis would envy, long, long legs, a rangy physique and those ice blue eyes … okay, he’s gorgeous. But it’s not just the looks.  There’s the personality.  Winning is the word I’d use, and tack on adorable.

Simon Cowell has left American Idol, and much as we loved him, maybe it was time.  His last sarcasm was to Sinead, when he told her that her singing sounded like she was giving birth on stage.  The poor girl never recovered, and she was out in the next round.  (Still, it’s better than being told your singing sounds like a cat being thrown  off the Empire State Building, or like a ship sinking.)   Simon needs new challenges to conquer…. and that leaves a vacancy.

The American Idol producers are desperate to find a strong personality who could command the vast audiences that Simon Cowell pulled in. When Adam Lambert mentored a programme in this year’s series, he was a revelation.  He said he was going to be honest, which is what they all say, but Adam actually was.  In the nicest possible way, contestants were told to step it up and bring more to the stage,   Adam was disappointed, because he wasn’t seeing enough!  He wanted it all!  Their knees buckled at that, but what could they do but heave a huge sigh and give the performance of a lifetime.    He also gave them tips that revolutionarised their routines, so that kids who stumbled on with zero confidence left feeling like they could win it.  He was the best.

Of course, Adam might not want the gig.  He’s a singer, a talented  performer, a superstar in his own right, he might not want to sit there handing out advice to young hopefuls.  But if he does……. American Idol pulls in weekly audiences of 60 million plus.  All those people will be seeing beautiful Adam on a weekly basis, and once you’ve seen Adam, you can’t help being a huge fan.  Adam is such a great role model.  He is sweet, kind, polite and helpful to others and he is uniquely himself.  He has a totally individual fashion style.    Once seen, he is never forgotten, and for everyone struggling to find themselves, he is a symbol of hope. Adam has shown everyone in America what it means to be true to yourself, no compromises.

Does Barack Obama realise the danger? Because if Adam gets this gig,  with all that extra exposure,  pretty soon, he could be running for President…….

Also read Ricky Martin and Adam Lambert on this link, and here, you might like to read Gay Rights Still a Huge Issue.

6 responses to “Adam Lambert wants it all

  1. I cannot believe that this can be true

  2. He’s cute. And very talented.

    Brett Michael is really passe. Not keen.

  3. Brett Michaels, what is wrong with the US! he is just a clapped out rock star, and that show Rock of Love,is sooooo sexist.

  4. I read in the Huffington Road that Brett Michaels might replace Simon Cowell. Brett Michaels of Poison and Rock of Love! He’s a dick!

  5. It’s impossible not to like Adam Lambert, and he is very talented.

  6. There is far less homophobia in the US, and some of that is down to Adam Lambert.

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