Harriet Harman: a Sex and the City girl

They have so much in common, she should have a part in the new movie! Harriet Harman and the Sex and the City girls (always girls, never women) share the same view on life. Whatever happens, it is always the fault of men, never their fault.

This view is so embedded in every episode of SATC, I am stuck over which examples to choose.  Here are some examples.  1) Early on, Mr. Big has made it plain to Carrie that their relationship isn’t serious. She then turns up uninvited at a church service he is attending with his mother and when he introduces her just as a friend, she is insulted and throws a fit, because he “has intimacy issues”.

2) Carrie has a boyfriend called Aidan, who loves her. However, she starts cheating on him with Mr. Big. When he finds out, he finishes the relationship. Later on, she decides she wants him back, and forces him to start up with her again, ignoring how badly she hurt him before. She then starts mucking him about a second time, by refusing to marry him, until he cracks. Apparently, the poor sap is being lined up for the second movie, presumably so she can kick him in the groin for a third time.

3) Mr. Big finally agrees to marry Carrie, but wants a quiet wedding because he has already been married twice. She steam rollers over his feelings and arranges a huge, wildly expensive do, that he is paying for, inviting hundreds of people and when he panics (probably terrified that his feelings won’t ever be considered), it is all his fault and he is a total SOB. He is then ripped to pieces by Carrie’s friends, none of whom ever considers he might have a point of view. Is this the attitude of American womanhood? I’m sure it is not.

Examples of much more selfish behaviour are rife. All the women in SATC behave in this self centred fashion to varying degrees (except Samantha who is honest about what she wants) and I am just surprised the men don’t all take off leaving skid marks. It’s Harriet Harman to a T.

The play “Oleanna” by David Mamet could have been written for Harriet. A female student receives a poor grade from a male lecturer and she is so annoyed, she accuses him of gender bias and sexual harrassment. This is the basis of the play. The student starts off in a weak position, but gradually grows more and more powerful as she gets the lecturer removed, backed up by a feminist movement. I see the student as a monstrous creature who masks her own inadequacies with a manufactured ideological attack; she is failing the course not because she is a bad student but because her tutor is a sexist pig. While she is in the room, the lecturer has talked to his wife on the phone, because they are having a problem with real estate. Right at the end of the play, having ruined his career, the student turns to the lecturer and says “And don’t call your wife baby”. Can you or can you not imagine Harriet Harman reacting exactly in this manner and speaking those precise words? I rest my case.

7 responses to “Harriet Harman: a Sex and the City girl

  1. I have never understood the huge popularity of this series in the US, given their self centred attitudes.

  2. It is such a relief that we don’t have to have Harriet Harman’s crazy ideas imposed on us anymore.

  3. The SATC stars are too old for another movie.

  4. very good. Thanks

  5. Thanks Teylor and everyone! Glad you all enjoyed it.

  6. I just don’t like Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in the series. She is horribly self centred and that little girl act is so annoying.

  7. The Mamet play is brilliant. Interesting comparison.

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