The Routemaster – the Picasso of buses

The new Routemaster bus is a thing of beauty and a miracle of design, sleek, stunning and soignee.  It is true that the buses cost a bit more to make than bendy buses, but style costs.  The buses will cost £300,000 each after the first six, because development and design costs are factored into the first six buses.

Please forgive me, but anyone who does not see the potential of these buses is hugely lacking in imagination.  They will greatly enhance the look of our beautiful capital.  Tourists will be dying to travel on them, as a landmark and as a symbol.  They are symbolic of the spirit of London and our Britishness, and will greatly enhance the London landscape, instead of the previous hideous eyesores. (stunning video of the Routemaster).

Why do people appreciate beautiful, expensive cars?  Because it is better to purchase a beautifully designed vehicle, when the extra cost will be repaid a thousand fold because people appreciate the quality of the finished result.  Which would you prefer, a sleek, chic, designer vehicle, that is also satisfyingly practical,  and wonderful for the environment, that  tourists drool over, or a clumsy, ugly deathtrap, that is a continuous threat to safety and allows passengers to rip off the public by not paying their fare, simply because they can?

When we elected Boris as Mayor, we knew that he was artistic and creative, we knew that what we were getting was someone who would consider the aesthetic side of something like a bus, as well as all the  practicalities.  On a mundane level anyway, it is sensible to consider the aesthetic side because that always pays dividends.

In time, Londoners will appreciate what a huge gift these buses are to our capital, and they will be deeply grateful to Boris Johnson for giving them something iconic and beautiful, as the Mayor said.   This is as much a work of art as a bus can ever be. Maybe that will take time, and I hope the Mayor does not get too many hurtful brickbats in the meantime.    The designer of the buses has created something wonderful, the Picasso of buses and is to be congratulated.     Boris doesn’t  and never will do cheap and nasty,  and deep down, we knew that all along.

13 responses to “The Routemaster – the Picasso of buses

  1. RE: angelnstar

    Its the old debate; should form-follow-function or vice versa in such circumstances? I for one don’t care about its shape except for efficient aerodynamics that this square fronted bus seems not to have, though that may be a speed consideration.

    As long as public vehicles include such aspects as safety, access, comfort, environment & economy then fair enough.

    But, what on earth had to be specially designed, and costed, into a London bus when buses are used over the entire globe? Therefore, is £300k ea. for six buses a correctly negotiated transparent purchase? – if its the environment & economy element that needed designing into the vehicle, then surely it’d be cheaper to stick to standard historic issues and plant thousands of tree’s instead, because; as long as China et al continue pumping out their foul exhausts this and many nations are gonna spend a fortune walking backwards!

    So, can anyone provide a comparison of the costs these buses vs rail carriages, that travel much faster and further while carrying more people? – I expect scrutiny people.

  2. AttillatheHun

    There might be problems for the disabled though, the access might not have been properly researched.

  3. Agree with you about Labor Assmebly members. John Biggs is not an asset, a really nasty man.

  4. Some of the Labour Assembly are a disgrace. They are vile, rude, brainless louts. Len Duvall for one. John Biggs for another.

  5. It looks superb.Cant wait to visit London again to try it out.

    • Robert thank you so much for your reply. I am so glad to receive such positive feedup because some of the members of the London Assembly were sniping and snarking, trying to find fault. This is a great thing for London, a fantastically well designed, iconic vehicle, that will enhance our beautiful capital. thank you again!!!

  6. It must be very disheartening for Boris when he puts a lot of time and trouble and heart into something to have it received with petty, carping criticisms, like some Assembly Members came out with.

    For a start, some of them are so ignorant, they wouldn’t know the difference between good design and bad, and secondly, they are just trying to score political points, and that is the only thing they care about.

    I agree, in time, it will be acccepted what a great job Boris and the designer have done on this bus, and how much it has added to the look of the London scenery/

  7. I can’t wait to ride these buses. So much revenue must have been lost with the bendy buses, half the people getting on didn’t pay.

  8. John, thank you. The new bus is so beautifully designed, and has had love and care lavished on it. In time, everyone will realise what a gift to London these buses are.

  9. I look forward to seeing these in service; and I shall try to find an excuse to jump on board one, even if I end up going somewhere I didn’t really want to go, and having to walk back(!)

    A delight for me would be having a tourist (or group of them) stare and go “Wow!” as one passes, and say something like “What was that?”

    I’d say, using what I’m sure will become accepted as the proper name for it, “That is a Boris Bus!”

  10. The bus is great.

  11. A lot of people criticise just for the sake of it, or for political capital. It’s a great bus.

  12. It’s a great looking vehicle and I agree that good design is worth paying for in this instance.

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