An astrological warning

On 19th April 2010, just before the UK general election, renowned US astrologer Archie Duncan had this to say about the UK election. He believes that both Gordon Brown and David Cameron are going through a phase of back luck.

“In the case of Gordon Brown, it’s already happening  – he became Labour leader in 2007 and to date he has arguably been the worst Prime Minister since Neville Chamberlain.

Then the Nick Clegg bombshell happened.  Having done very well in a TV Debate, his party, the Liberal Democrats, appears to be racing ahead in the polls.

However from an astrological point of view we mustn’t be fooled by Nick Clegg.  In a few months time his luck will start to run out, and in late 2010 and 2011 he’ll have an increasing feeling that he is banging his head against a brick wall.

Furthermore, people like Nick Clegg don’t prosper when Jupiter and Saturn are making opposition aspects.  This aspect is about dealing with the past rather than creating the future.  If Nick Clegg is in government, he’ll be dealing with the mess from the previous ten years of mismanagement.  And he will inevitably be tarred by it. His life could become a disaster.

Wheel of Fortune – reverse meaning is bad luck, bad timing.

So where does this leave David Cameron?  He’s certainly going through a trying period of life, that will last at least until May 2011.  The last thing he needs right now is to be Prime Minister.

That means, if there is no overall majority after the May 6 election, David Cameron should relax, and he should avoid going into a coalition with the Liberal Democrats.  Because whatever the hue of the next British government, it will soon become very unpopular, weighed down by the Jupiter-Saturn opposition.  Needless to say, Nick Clegg will be quickly worn down by the pressures of office, and his pro-Europe stance will cost him dear.

For David Cameron it’ll be about waiting and watching, something that Librans can do very well.  Let Labour and the Liberal Democrats exhaust themselves.  If there’s an election in late 2011 or 2012 David Cameron will be just about ready for the top job, and he’ll have the authority – and luck – to be a reasonably successful Prime Minister.If he goes for the PM job and bands with Nick Clegg, he is asking for trouble.” (written 19/4/10)

You make your own luck,  but whether destiny plays a part has been discussed for centuries.  Boris Johnson would reassure us.  “Astra inclinant, non necessitant”.    And he, more than anyone would say “Non ducor, duco”.

PS.  Mr. Duncan believed that Ed Miliband, as a Capricorn is more suited to lead the Labour Party than David, because David’s Libra planets make him inclined to dither, hence past indecision.  However, Ed’s Mars is in Pisces, a gentle sign  He is not good on the attack.

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  3. The US astrologer didn’t have a very high oponion of David Cameron, did he, if you read the whole article.

  4. In common with most males, I used to think that astrology was a load of bunkum. Over the many years that I have been close to a certain lady, her prescience about the super-private things in my life, all based on her astrological studies, leads me to think there is something in it. That, or she is psychic. Yes, I mean you.

  5. People who ridicule astrology know nothing about it. It works.

  6. It’s amazing how revealing astrology is, but it has to be done properly.

  7. I don’t need astrology to tell me this coalition isn’t going to work out. Saw Question Time last night and I agreed with the Editor of the New Statesman to my amazement and also Melanie Phillips.

    Nick Clegg wanted power and ditched his principles for that power. What sort of basis for a coalition is that?

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