Now Cleggers swings both ways

It’s all in the balance.  Will Cleggy opt for a government of all the losers, as Guido picturesquely dubbed them, or will he continue to  press his exorbitant demands onto a reluctant David Cameron? 

There is wideswept concern within the cabinet as to whether Labour can make the necessary progress with the Lib Dems, because although there are significant links between Labour and the Lib Dems, there are also significant differences.  There is also, amongst the more honourable members of the Labour Party, (and this certainly does not include Alastair Campbell, who is now calling for the resignation of Adam Boulton),  concern that the will of the people will not be seen to be done in a Lab/LibDem coalition.

The King of the Dead summoned by Aragorn to help defect the armies of Sauron.

Ali C declares he has a clear psychic vision of the wishes of the people, which strangely enough, always seems to coincide with what would suit the Labour Party best.  Labour and the Lib Dems can only summon up 315 votes, instead of the requisite 326.  However, maybe Alastair Campbell is planning to summon up the votes of the King of the Dead and his Undead, as Aragorn did in The Return of the King, when he didn’t have enough soldiers to defeat the armies of Sauron.

The King of the Dead and his army, were so shamed and demeaned by their own vile behaviour, they had to live as spirits, until they could redeem their evil lives of dire cruelty, perfidy and treachery.  It’s a thought, Ali C., and if they will come at the call of anyone, they will come for one of their own.

UPDATE:  4 pm.  Some Labour supporters are furious at the Labour negotiations.  They say this was an unsupported initiative, by a breakaway group, of which they do not approve. Rumours sweep the media that Gordon might resign as early as tomorrow.

5 responses to “Now Cleggers swings both ways

  1. Dave, We dont want Cable or Clegg in the gov!!! U dont need to give them much now, free LVs is plenty! #election2010 #bigotgate #ge2010

    My advice above to David Cameron, now that we know Ali C and Mandy have thrown in the towel and Gordon is resigning tomorrow.

  2. It isn’t logical that a leader of a party that came last and lost seats gets to pick the PM. Something is seriously wrong here.

  3. One of the very best things to come out of a Tory win is Alastair Campbell to be kicked out of anything to with government. I hope we never see his face again.

  4. Hear, hear! Ali C. was a blot on the face of politics, he would just stand there and flatly deny the evidence of our eyes. After the leaders’ debates, the way he would insist Gordon Brown had won was just pathetic.

    He also deliberately wound up Adam Boulton in a very nasty way, so did Ben Bradshaw. Horrible horrible men.

  5. I totally agree with the above comments. I saw the interview between Adam Boulton and Ali C. and it was so obvious what a horrible horrible man Ali C is. I hope we never see his face again too!

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