Gordon Brown, you had better go now!

While Gordon superglues himself to the bathroom seat, in Brussels we are being lined up to help save the Euro “whatever it takes, and there is nothing we can do about it” says Boris.

In his weekly article in the Daily Telegraph, Boris points out the sheer insanity of Gordon’s abortive attempt to stay at No. 10. He also points out the absurdity of a system that means Mr. Cameron has to oblige the demands of the party that came third in the election, and polled less seats than in 2005.  It is crazy.

Boris says “Will Gordon ever leave the bathroom? Can I suggest that we avert our eyes from the soap opera and focus on the problem this election was meant to address – how to get the British economy moving again. We should be talking about how to create jobs for people, not jobs for politicians, and in all the jabber about changing the voting system there is a risk we will forget how the economy works. We are told that the SNP and Plaid Cymru and the DUP are likely to acquire a special importance over the next 12 months. We are warned that they are sending in ransom lists of demands – for Irish ferry-boat subsidies and Alex Salmond autobahns in the Highlands and Islands – as the price of their support in Parliament.”

Boris speaks the truths that others dare not utter “why we would be mad, mad, mad to cut the infrastructure investment – housing and transport – that allows the London workforce to live there and allows commuters to get there. It is the efforts of that workforce that will help to lead Britain out of recession, and whatever cuts the Treasury may have in store, and whether dear Vince Cable is involved or not, they should remember that London is the goose that lays the golden eggs, and if the Scots and the Welsh want more golden eggs to pay for their projects, then we need to look after that goose.”

Read the rest of Boris’s brilliant article in today’s Telegraph, link above.

In the words of the famous song Go Now by the Moody Blues, “ We’ve already said……. Goodbye…. Since you gotta go, you better go now……”

7 responses to “Gordon Brown, you had better go now!

  1. As always, Boris is the only one to talk plain, common good sense.
    He may yet take over. 🙂

  2. Matthew Forkins

    Yet another tory without a clue about the British Constitution.

    • Ha ha Mathew! I know that Gordon is, strictly speaking, entitled to stay at No. 10, and obviously Boris knows that. But Boris’s point is that, as far as the country is concerned, Brown has overstayed his welcome. It would be better for him to resign, and maintain some dignity.

  3. Nessie, wish that would happen!

  4. Matthew, who wants Gordon Brown to stay at number 10, except him? Certainly not his own party, they have been trying to get rid of him for ages.

    He is incredibly unpopular in this country. He has trashed democracy, introduced a thuggish bullying element into Parliament and he has been extremely reckless in handling the economy. He has failed, we just don’t want him.

  5. Gordon has blatantly favoured the Scots and the North, to shore up his votes there. People in Scotland like him – I think!

  6. Can’t he just GO!!!!!!!

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