A man has to know his limitations, said Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry.    Gordon crashes and burns.  PM mortified, when he realises SKY microphone picked up his insulting remarks.  It is so clear he is in the wrong job.

Oh God!  Maybe I am a  fool, but my reaction to the incredibly tactless, very unkind boo boo of Gordon calling a poor lady pensioner, Mrs. Gillian Duffy, a bigot was pity for the lady, but also for Gordon Brown. All that Mrs. Duffy did was innocently refer to Eastern European workers,  and voice genuine concerns, no slight intended.  My sympathy, expressed on Guido Fawkes’ blog,  produced one word,  “Bollocks”  from another blogger and he is probably right. 

I just can’t help it though.  Never, ever has a politician been so inept!  He is utterly and absolutely useless!  From the gurning and gasping like a monster blowfish when he is under pressure, from the nervous mannerisms and twitching, to the glowering scowls and the death ray Darth Varder glare, not to mention his vicious personal vendettas, Gordon Brown is the absolute nadir of everything a politician should be.

Gordon, look at the brilliant communicators.  Take Boris Johnson.  He isn’t hiring comedians to write his gags, like you  do.   He churns out hilarious quips off the cuff, quips so funny that people laugh themselves sick.  He is Mr. Charm, lovable, knows how to laugh at himself, droll, self deprecating, witty, endearing….    and before you start bleating that he is all style and no substance, there is no heavier intellect than Boris’s, he has the brains, the substance, and also the creative ideas.  And the totally brilliant debating ability. Okay, life just isn’t fair. 

But Gordon, you have brought this on yourself.  It has been obvious for so long, you have the wrong sort of personality to be PM and your communication skills suck big time.  Your policies have been a disaster.  Your wife is a so-called PR expert by the way,  you have professional advice on tap., although her Mona Lisa silence is something that grates.   (Her reputation is monstered, that’s for sure).    But you would hang on like grim death, until all your party hated you, until one leading Labourite said you were cyanide on a doorstep.  You repel people.  But in spite of all that, you still hang on and insist you are the best person for the job.

Gordon, you are the worst person for the job, anyone could possibly imagine.  The strain of doing something you are totally unfit for is obviously telling, give it up now.  For all our sakes.  As well as your own.

UPDATE: On Paxo’s show, Gordon’s pathetic justifications only make matters worse.  He says he thought Mrs. Duffy wanted all foreign students to leave!  Ridiculous.


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  2. Most screamingly funny comment on #bigotgate is from SoapboxCharlie #bigotgate I wouldn’t want to be Sue right now 😦

    Laughed until I cried.

  3. Gordon’s paranoia was made clear by that taped conversation.

    The lady was too forthright with her questions. She didn’t swallow the bullshit he was dishing out, she was too upfront and honest and he just couldn’t handle it.

  4. Yes. He was pouring out his usual load of guff, but she was wise to him, too truthful, too honest, and too challenging. No bigot, too much truth.

  5. He’s finished. It’s over.

  6. I got the impression nobody was even listening to Gordon anymore. He actually wasn’t that bad, considering the circumstances, but his career is over and everyone knows it, including him.

  7. Cyanide on a doorstep! Absolutely hilarious!

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