Two’s company

And three’s a crowd, says feisty Boris Johnson.  In his Daily Telegraph article  this morning, Boris explains exactly which fiendish manipulator was behind the rise of the sententious Nick Clegg.

According to Boris Johnson, it was no accident that a Lib Dem silver tongued dissimulator with empty eyes grabbed the public attention.  It  was all a cunning Labour plot by Lord Mandelson.

“I have it on good authority” says Boris, ” that the puffing of Clegg – all that ostentatious “I agree with Nick” stuff from Gordon Brown in the first debate – was entirely deliberate. In agreeing to the debates, Labour thought it had spotted what the Tory high command had missed: that if you put Clegg and Cameron simultaneously before the nation, and the electorate saw two vaguely similar products – telegenic 43-year-old public schoolboys with an air of deep reasonableness – then all at once the Tories would lose their Unique Selling Point.”

Labour planned to boost Clegg at Cameron’s expense, and wreck the Tories’ chance of achieving a decisive majority.  But the first postal votes seem to indicate that it is Labour voters turning from Gordon to Cleggie that is the result of the fiendish, malevolent scheme.  The Tories are still roughly where they were before the first leadership debate. It is Labour who are sinking like a stone to 26% or even 24%.

Boris explains that it is the distance between the Tories and Labour that matters, and since the Tories seem to be heading for a 9% or 10% lead, that could be enough to kick Labour into touch.

Boris then explains the dangers of three party politics. He says ” Politics is essentially binary, because there will always be governments and oppositions, and it will always be the case that you are either for something or against it. From the optimates and populares of republican Rome to the Democrats and Republicans of modern America, societies have tended to crystallise their political debates into two broad sets of views, and there are always two coalitions of politicians who represent those views, and most human beings – often from quite an early age – tend to identify with one set of views rather than another.

In the words of Gilbert and Sullivan, “Every little boy and girl/That’s born into this world alive/Is either a little Liberal/Or else a little Conservative”. In modern Britain, there is a coalition that believes on the whole in free enterprise and strong national institutions, and those views are generally expressed by the Tories; and then there is a big Left-liberal group that is instinctively happier with higher taxes, more regulations and the proliferation of road humps. For decades that Left-liberal group has been dominated by the Labour Party, and the sensational event of the past few weeks is that Labour is being eclipsed on the Left”.

Read Boris’s entire article on the link above.  If the success of this plan depended on superficial physical similarities between Mr. Cameron and Cleggie, just think!  It would never have worked if Boris were party leader, because imagine the difficulties of duplicating him!  Impossible!


7 responses to “Two’s company

  1. Lord M. was white to the lips when Gordon booboooed. Still waiting for Ali C to spin Gordon out of trouble.

  2. ps. Great article Boris.

  3. Nick Clegg must be one of the worst in the expenses scandal and certainly by far the worst of the party leaders.

    But it is the hypocrisy he has shown in preaching during that first leadership debate that sticks in my throat.

  4. More scandal about Nick Clegg. He preaches this guff about spending on his house so the money can go to the country, then we find out he has made £300K through selling his MEP house.

  5. Nick Clegg is shilly shallying about under what circumstances he would support Labour. He won’t have Gordon at any price, that’s for sure.

  6. Yes. I just hope that the British people are not such fools as to be taken in by someone as obviously deceitful as Nick Clegg.

  7. I can totally believe this. I also don’t believe a word that Nick Clegg says about not supporting the Labour party.

    He has fixed this with Mandelson and if they get in, we will be shoved into Europe with no referendum, and they will force all sorts of crack pot ideas into us. It will be an absolute disaster.

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