We should protect our British freedoms

Boris Johnson is passionately against more enslavement to Europe.  Beware Euro-weasel Nick Clegg, don’t let him or Lord Mandelson suck us into a Euro Superstate where we will have less and less  independent say.

The leadership debates have gripped the nation, but in a way, that is the mark of the huge danger they represent.  As Ken Clarke said, they are like an X Factor Talent Contest, but the stakes are just too high to allow our fate to be decided on someone’s hairstyle, and whether they have a nice smile or the right tie.

Shut your eyes to the looks factor and concentrate only on the policies is my advice. Gordon Brown seems to think that if looks were not in the equation, he would be the winner!  He has to be joking, policy wise Labour have totally failed.  Nick Clegg laughed it off when tackled, but he feels Britain has an inflated sense of herself because we defeated the Nazis.  (evidence here).

We need to be put in our place, says Nick, presumably strangled by regulation under Euro-rule.  He is strongly pro-Europe, as is Lord Mandelson and Vince Cable is renowned for wanting us to sign up for the euro.   Don’t listen to Cleggie’s weasel words about a referendum.  Gordon didn’t let us have one, and Nick won’t either.  And as Boris Johnson just said in SKY, Clegg is mad to want us to get rid of Trident and he feels Cameron totally exposed that in the last debate.

We have a proud history, that we need to defend and fight for.  It is possible to co-operate with Europe without being sucked into Europe but we don’t need our decisions decided for us.  Boris Johnson is passionately against more enslavement to Brussels, read his brilliant article here.   We can decide things for ourselves, and still love,  co-operate with and help our neighbour states.   I do not believe in fighting and agression, I believe in peaceful co-existence.  But I would rather die than let us have the individuality sucked out of us, when it is that spirit that makes this country great.  We don’t need Brussels telling us what to do.   I am such a fervent Boris supporter because Boris defends and protects individuality, not uniformity, but he believes in using our talents and individual differences in a positive way. You were great in the debate Mr. Cameron, but the tax breaks on marriage are an unfair idea.

Boris believes in the right to choose, we should have had a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.  Merkel and Sarko have formed an alliance, and it is clear they intend Britain to come off the worst. I do not blame Nick Clegg in supporting a Euro-state if that is what he believes, but let him come right out and say clearly exactly what that means and what the implications are.  He has not done that.  It is dishonest.  Let Nick clearly explain this article he wrote, instead of laughing it off.

UPDATE:  Here is a link from John Medway MP, showing exactly how Nick Clegg deceived and betrayed this country over the Lisbon Treaty.

Being British means embracing every different race born in this country, it means respect and tolerance. It means defending gay people if they are attacked, protecting peoples’ religious beliefs and fighting all bigotry.  We cherish those of different blood who live here, but equally we must never forget who we are.  If being part of a Euro Superstate is an option, we must politely decline.

8 responses to “We should protect our British freedoms


  2. Excellent post. Nick Clegg prates about the future being ours and we are the boss. what a load of eye wash! This is the man who says he is the new politics, but he voted against the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and sacked anyone in the Lib Dems who would not do the same. Nick Clegg is the most two faced, double dealing politician since Blair.

  3. Clegg is so deceitful. I wouldn’t trust him farther than I could throw him. He is anti-British and it sticks out a mile.

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  5. Absolutely one hundred percent agree with this.

  6. Well said Angie.

  7. Agree 100%.

  8. The UK should wake up to the danger of a Mandelson/Clegg alliance, before it is too late.

    The parties are very close. We need a clear Tory majority. If Nick Clegg has any say in the matter, we will lose more rights to Brussels. We will have to suffer major decisions being made by Brussels. It would be a nightmare.

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