Cleggie monstered by A F Neil over his expenses as an MEP

Cleggie squirms as Andrew Neil details his expenses and LibDem aide leaves details of Nick’s debate strategy in a taxi cab.


Nick Clegg squirmed and stuttered as he was monstered over his lavish expenses claims by Andrew Neil.  Neil pointed out that his claim is larger than those of both Brown and Cameron, and Cleggie’s excuses are weak to say the least.

See the video of the seamy scenario here.  A full account of Nick’s expenses is here.  In addition, a LibDem aide left a copy of Nick’s debate strategy in a taxi cab and horror of horrors, as SKY gleefully reported, one instruction was to copy David Cameron!  Embarrassing.  Doesn’t exactly bode well for national security either.

In the debate between the Chancellor, Vince Cable and George Osborne, Darling and Cable tried to gang up on George, insisting that Ken Clarke’s statement that a Hung Parliament was dangerous, was utterly ridiculous.  George snapped to Darling “Ken Clarke was a much better Chancellor than you are!” while Darling mouthed helplessly like a goldlfish.  Good man, George.  That’s the spirit!

And here, Cable stammers and reddens as Andrew Neil tackles his contradictory advice and political dishonesty and piles on the pressure.   Under a ruthless scrutiny, Cable buckles.  The gloves are off!

UPDATE.  Watch this interviewwhere Clegg is skewered by a bunch of school kids.  They tell him “We know your face, but you don’t say what you stand for!” They point out they have heard nothing about LibDem policy on tv. or in the press.  He criticises but doesn’t come clean about his own beliefs.  They don’t let him fob them off with moralising.  They then go on to ask him about the £90K of our money that he spent on his house.  “You are risking our money, not your own” says one school girl.  Brilliant.

18 responses to “Cleggie monstered by A F Neil over his expenses as an MEP

  1. He is absolutely no better than any politician in the expenses scandal.

    How dare he act whiter than white and pour out all that pious drivel. the nerve!

  2. Clegg is getting a taste of the scrutiny Cameron and Brown have been getting non-stop.

    He set himself up as a saint, and now he has been knocked down. If you can’t stand the heat…..

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  4. I dont know what people mean when they say Clegg was good in the last debate.

    He did admit he was no better than anyone,ie.he had with the stupid superior attitude he adopted in the first debate and his ludicrous pious preaching.

  5. Another straight talking kind of guy with a forked tongue and dodgy standards. I agree he was unbearably sanctimonious and two faced in the first debate. Then something happened. From the look in Cameron’s eye, Clegg was forced to face up to the fact that he was far from Mr. Perfect himself.

  6. Nick Clegg should resign. Two years of dishonesty, and he just laughs the whole thing off.

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  8. Andrew Neil has had a brilliant election. He monstered Cleggie, pricked Cable’s ego like a punctured balloon and came up with the best riposte of the election.

    Lord Mandelson to Adam Bouton: You aren’t running for election, Adam.

    Neil to Lord M: Neither are you.

  9. Clegg has never had any scrutiny. He is used to saying absolutely what he likes and getting away with it. Now he is finding out that it isn’t so easy when you are the one under pressure.



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