Boris tells the truth about Cleggers and the Lib Dems

Cleggie spoke an opaque minestrone of waffle.

Our Mayor is nothing if not jammy.  Two years ago, he placed and has already cashed a bet for £1,000 that the Conservatives would win the next General Election!  His victim was Sir Max Hastings, but so sure is Boris that the Tories will win, he feels confident that the fact he has spent the money is fine and he will not have to offer Sir Max a refund.

Boris says firmly in his article in the Daily Telegraph today that the “amazing and ludicrous burst of Cleggophilia” is the “biggest load of media-driven nonsense” since the funeral of Princess Diana.  Boris thinks that Mr. Clegg was by far the worst of the three protagonists in the debate, and his answers were regurgitated versions of stuff Mr. Cameron had already said.

Iceland volcano

Boris fears something is in our water supply or the yellow cloud from Iceland has addled our brains.  He then points out that it is the two faced Lib Dems we are talking about.  I quote:

“These are Lib Dems we are talking about! They say anything to anyone. They are not so much two-faced as positively polycephalous. They go around every university campus promising to abolish “Labour’s unfair tuition fees” – while dear Cleggie tells his party conference that this policy, this cardinal Lib Dem policy, would cost £12 billion and that the country can’t afford it. In the north of England you will find plenty of Lib Dem literature extolling their “mansion tax”, a proposal on which they remain deafeningly silent in places like Richmond and Kingston, where it would mean a vast new tax on people who happen to live in overvalued houses.

Everybody treats Vince Cable as a semi-holy Mahatma Gandhi of British politics, because he is supposed in some way to have anticipated the financial crisis. Actually his most notable recommendation before the crisis was that Britain should join the euro – a move that would gravely have worsened our current position by leaving us in a Greek-style straitjacket.”

I urge you to read the article in full on the link above. With panache, Boris says an outright Tory win is still his prediction and he makes an offer to Sir Max to increase the stakes.

12 responses to “Boris tells the truth about Cleggers and the Lib Dems

  1. Thank goodness Boris has spoken out because somebody needs to say what we are letting ourselves in for with the Lib Dems.

  2. Well, if the UK wants to be part of a massive Euro state, vote Lib Dem, go ahead!

  3. No one is tearing into the Lib/Dems policies..apart from Boris! It seems incredible to me!
    Their policies on immigration are a farce! Their figures on the economy are dodgier than Labours, ( & that’s saying something!)
    The markets have already got the jitters at the mere mention of a hung Parliament with Brown as PM & Clegg 2nd in command.
    It’s an economic meltdown in the making!
    Never forget the chaos which ensued the Lib/Labour pact of 1977/78. Record rates of inflation, economy in free fall. Disaster!

  4. Softmutt, Boris actually seemed to come out supporting the Lib Dem policy on immigration! He said he would back an amnesty for illegal immigrants who are not criminals and willing to work. Boris is an old liberal conservative himself – he has very close ideological ties to the Liberal Democrats, but I can understand this outburst, as naturally he feels threatened by their advance. It’s simple electioneering.

    More than 50% of the electorate actually want a hung parliament. The markets must not dictate to the electorate. It must be the other way around. Most other democracies are able to have hung parliaments without the markets crashing around them!

  5. Boris isn’t threatened by anyone. He threatens them.

    In ideology, there are bound to be a few overlaps.

    Hung Parl. would imperil the pound, our credit rating and the economy.

  6. Thanks for that, angelnstar, but you haven’t really added anything to this debate – do you have any evidence to back up your claims that a hung parliament would imperil the pound? With all respect, you seem to be repeating something you’ve heard without actually knowing the reason why.

  7. Ken Clarke said so in the press recently, as did Boris in his article. There was also a similar comment from the Bank of England. The value of the pound has fallen since there has been so much talk of a Hung Parliament.

    Richard I am quite surprised you challenge this. There has been continual reference to the fact that Britain will lose her triple A credit rating if there is a Hung Parliament, and that it will devalue the pound.

    I would find some links for you, but maybe you should research it yourself, you will probably be more convinced if you check it for yourself.

    There has been so much evidence about this in the press, I am amazed you doubt it.


    Richard, here I have found you one link. Can you do the rest of your research yourself? With the greatest respect, I feel this is something you need to brush up on.


    Richard, link above shows pound is losing value because of all the talk of a Hung Parliament. Don’t you read the papers, or watch the news?

  10. Many thanks for the links, they are much appreciated.

    I’ve digested that information and can now agree with you that the pound is being devalued by the fear of a hung parliament.

    However I am still in the majority of people in the country who believes that a hung parliament will be a good thing in the long term.

    Our political system is in desperate need of modernisation, and yes the markets seem to be wary of us entering a hung parliament because we are unaccustomed to it., but surely that means we need to become more accustomed to it.

    It’s not fair that a party with 40% of the vote can form a majority goverment. It’s an antiquated system.

    It is also not for the markets to decide whether or not the we, the electorate, collectively choose to “hang” our parliament. Unregulated markets led us into the biggest recession we’ve seen for 70 years, so I think looking at the market for answers is absolutely the wrong thing to do. To look for the answers we must look towards democracy.

  11. Richard, I am stunned at the honesty of your comments, thank you so much, that is really nice! How often is it that someone is so fair as to say what you said, THANKS.

    I agree with you about the majority vote being unfair. when Tony Blair got in for the last time, he only achieved, I think it was under 30% of the vote.

    I also agree with your concern for our democracy. That is one of the reasons I am such a passionate Boris Johnson supporter. I believe that more than anyone, he appreciates the importance of democracy and will restore our shattered democracy. The Damian Green affair was appalling. Tony Blair lied to the House and British public and dragged us into a war that was a disaster, I don’t know how he dares to show his face.


    Richard, you might find this article interesting. Boris debated the merits of Proportional Representation with Alan Johnson, hilariously but he makes some good points.

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