Poster for the Tories No. 3

Most politicians tremble at the thought of an interview with Paxo.

To Boris,  he’s just a snack.

15 responses to “Poster for the Tories No. 3

  1. Boris looks like he needs to go on a diet.

  2. He’s solid and toned rather than chubby, hahaha

  3. ps. anyway, we can talk!

  4. LOL….Mind you Michael Gove did well last night on #Newsnight….Very impressed.
    Boris the best though…. 😀

  5. Excellent poster, they should use that.

    Michael Gove has some great ideas on education.

  6. Boris Johnson leaves me with the impression that he is a very clever man playing the part of a bumbling buffoon.

    Either that, or he is just a bumbling buffoon.

    Whatever, he never fails to amuse, and that is something in these trying times.

  7. Boris would make a cat laugh, but he is a very clever man.

  8. Paxo looked panicky, it was so funny.

  9. Oh Boris, we need you!

  10. Boris would never have played it safe and lost that debate.

  11. Boris and Paxo? Sage and onion; and guess which one can metaphorically knock the “stuffing” out of the other…?

  12. It’s true. So great to see Paxo on the back foot, defensive and wobbly, we need to see him like that much more often!

  13. Whenever Paxo interviews Boris, it’s true, he turns into a bit of a girl.

  14. Great picture of Bojo. Naughty grin fully in evidence.

  15. This is so great.

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