Dave would hand over leadership to Boris

In an interview with Patrick Hennessy of the Sunday Telegraph yesterday, David Cameron discussed his relationship with Boris Johnson.

Mr. Cameron spoke of the support he has received from Boris in his campaign and the support he gave Boris when he was running for Mayor. An extract of the interview is given here.

” Finally, what of the future? Hours after staging a rather uneasy joint appearance alongside Chelsea Pensioners with Boris Johnson, his fellow Old Etonian and London Mayor, I ask Mr Cameron if he would be happy to see Mr Johnson succeed him as Conservative leader.

His answer, given the perceived lack of trust between the two men and the Cameron camp’s fear that the unpredictable Mr Johnson will do something to derail their campaign, is both surprising and illuminating.

“Yes. My relationship with Boris is very good. I think it’s rather misunderstood. We’ve always got on well. I did, I think, quite a lot to help him in his election. He’s doing a lot to help me in my election.

“We have a shared outlook on many things. I want to see strong mayors right across the country and I think Boris has been a very good model for that. Our teams work closely together.

“And, yes, do I want big figures to go from being city mayors to running political parties in Britain, including my own, yes – absolutely.”

NEWS FLASH.  Boris will be going in to bat for David Cameron next Sunday, 18th April,  at 10.15 am. on the Andrew Marr show, on BBC1.

4 responses to “Dave would hand over leadership to Boris

  1. It’s true, David Cameron did help Boris hugely in his fight for the Mayoralty and Boris has made loads of speeches and done more to help Cameron than really any other Conservative I can think of. Some of them have been surprisingly quiet.

  2. This is very good news. Boris has a lot of support and very devoted fans. He can sell Brand Cameron better than anyone.

  3. This is very very good news.

  4. Then again, Dave didnt specifiy exactly when he might hand over. Still, I suppose that is what death beds are for.

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