Boris and Dave

A study in different strategies.*  Boris is full of joie de vivre and Dave is cool and reserved.  It’s Mr. Avant-garde against Mr. Conventional.


A  Chelsea  pensioner nearly shot six foot into the air, so energised was he by the blast of male testosterone that hit him from either side.  He was flanked by two alpha males, Boris and Dave, both,  in their own special way, exuding charisma and animal magnetism,  as they visited the Pensioners at the Royal Hospital.  Bellicose Boris was up for the fight at the photocall,  barking  “No surrender!”  “Fight to the last man!” and to an alarmed cameraman, “Lock and load!”   (This is the firing line command to put the weapon’s safety to the ‘on’ position, load the weapon with ammunition and await further orders from the range officer. In combat this is an informal command to prepare to fight.)

Supercool Dave, who goes in more for reserve and insouciant calm, looked faintly startled and hastily switched the conversation to safer ground, Sam and the children. As fast as red blooded Boris was upping the ante, smoothy Dave was winding it down. I don’t know what it was all about, but I think Boris would like to have us all drafted. My father had the same idea, but I think he only meant me, (true story).

It was an interesting study in strategies.  Dave seems to favour The Diplomatic War Strategy.  (Create relentless pressure and compel the other side to settle on your terms.  The more you take, the more you can give back in meaningless concessions).  Boris seems to prefer The Blitzkreig Strategy. (In a world where many people are overly cautious, the use of speed will bring you untold power. Striking before your opponents have time to prepare will force your opponent to make mistakes.)  Luckily they are both on the same side.

It’s Friday!  Our heads are bursting with the economic details and it’s only Day 4!  We are entitled to a bit of fun, so here it is.  In musical terms, the song that epitomises David Cameron is here.  As far as Boris’s many fans are concerned, only one song will do. (here)

Bookmakers William Hill has revealed the latest odds for Boris Johnson to become the next leader of the Conservatives after he and David Cameron were pictured together campaigning for the party.

The Mayor of London is available at 5/1 to take control after the current leader and is 4/1 to become an MP again before the end of 2012.

*The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene.

10 responses to “Boris and Dave

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  2. In today’s Telegraph, the only explanantion of Lock and load is that John Wayne uses the phrase in “The Sands of Imo Jima”. That isn’t a proper explanation.

  3. The Telegraph compared Boris to a bounding shaggy dog, jumping up all over Dave. He is hilarious.

  4. Lock and load! What is he like? A scream.

  5. When he looks at Boris, Cameron always looks slightly nervous.

  6. This is a topic near to my heart thanks, found you through Bing.

  7. I liked seeing this, are you on twitter?

  8. Adding to my bookmarks cheers, sending this to my mates now.

  9. I genuinely treasure your work , Great post.

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