More Boris Johnson advice for the don’t knows

There are apparently people in the UK still uncertain how to vote.  Read these remarks from Boris Johnson and hesitate no longer.

Boris on Steven Byers  (Press Assoc. speech on 24th March 2010)

“You have ruined my old friend Stephen Byers. A man, I think I may say regarded by us all, as a paladin of stern, unwavering, principle. Who prostituted himself, in his own words, as a cab for hire. But at £3,000 a day he must have found a pretty devilish route to Heathrow.”

Boris to all British journalists (same speech)

“You have contrived to make Peter Mandelson the last remaining symbol of trust and integrity left. Look what you have done. Worse of all you have destroyed John Butterfill’s chances of ever leading the Conservative Party.

Our political life will only be clean when Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan are no longer drunkenly trading blows at this dinner”


Boris on Ed Balls (speech in Daily Telegraph, March 15, 2010)

…. there are times when a minister says something so maddening, so death-defyingly stupid, that I am glad not to be in the same room in case I should reach out, grab his tie, and end what is left of my political career with one almighty head-butt.  Such were my feelings on reading Mr Ed Balls on the subject of teaching Latin in schools. Speaking on the radio, Spheroids dismissed the idea that Latin could inspire or motivate pupils. It is nothing short of a disaster that this man is still nominally in charge of education, science, scholarship and learning in this country.”

And again, Boris on Ed Balls

“An intergalactic ass.”

Boris with more to say on Gordon Brown and the Labour government (speech Jan. 11, 2010)

“Everybody… in Westminster knows that the best thing for the Labour party and the country would be the speedy removal of Gordon Brown. ….. across Britain there are men and women yearning for the cabinet to summon up the gumption to go into No 10, where Gordon waits, muttering with his head in his hands, like Marlon Brando at the end of Apocalypse Now and terminate his command.

What do we get instead? Nothing but ….. the ludicrous rubber dagger plots of Hoon and Hewitt and a cabinet reduced to a hopeless coalition of the untrustworthy and the dithering. Not since the waters retired from the face of the earth has this country seen such a display of protoplasmic invertebracy and as the dying days of Labour drag on, you may find it hard to believe that any system could produce a government more feeble, more indecisive more racked by internal feuding and division.”

Boris again on the Labour government (Mayor’s Question Time, February 24, 2010).

“There is about to be an election and Labour are suicidal at the thought they are going to lose. These are just the scrabblings of a government on the oubliette of history.”

Boris on Geoff Hoon and Patrician Hewitt

“Hoon’s a buffoon.  Hewitt blew it.”

Boris on himself as Mayor

I, as Mayor, am a mere toenail in the body politic.

5 responses to “More Boris Johnson advice for the don’t knows

  1. I wish all politicians were as upfront as Boris.

  2. Somebody has to be this honest about Labour. Because if not, the floating voters are going to fall for the guff put out by Labour spin doctors.

  3. Rock on Boris. No one says it as you can!

  4. Boris rules! Latin is excellent for training the intellect, and the Classics should be read by everyone.

  5. Ed Balls is pathetic. And Gordon is despised by his own party, they can’t wait to get rid of him, but they don’t dare.

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