Bacon Bratty

Seven year old fights back and goes ballistic when a health food mom takes away his bacon and junk food.

On a hilarious episode of Wife Swap  (extracts  from the episode –video here, or watch the entire programme – video here),  Jamie Oliver’s worst nightmare, a tubby little seven year old, makes a stand when the lady who swapped places with his mom tries to get him to exercise and switch to healthy eating.  Seven year old, tantrum prone redneck King Curtis usually eats chicken nuggets for breakfast, and when he is told NO, he blows his stack!  This You Tube episode scored 2.5 million hits and is made even funnier by Curtis’s Southern accent.  He strikes a blow everywhere for people who want to eat what they like and as we have already seen from the people of West Virginia, Jamie Oliver is facing an impossible task. (Jamie on Letterman).

Curtis may earn 0 out of 10 for his eating habits, but he scores 10 out of 10 for spirit as he flips and loses it when the lady takes away his bacon! Curtis has his fans, but he also has his detractors, as some Americans rave “What a little sh.. Curtis is!”

8 responses to “Bacon Bratty

  1. This isn’t just a laugh. There is a principle at stake here. The Curtis family do eat unhealthily, but that is their decision.

    The kid is very clear thinking. He says everyone needs to look back and say “My family let me do whatever i wanted to do!” Hahahahaha

  2. RT @Brendacopeland: “Bacon is good for me!” The best thing I’ve EVER seen! (via @angelneptustar)

    Great comment on twitter from @binduwiles

  3. He is awfully funny. And the healthy eating mom seems obsessed with status and cash and doesn’t look to see if her children are happy.

    The little girl is developing an eating disorder, she scarfed down those biscuits, she is binging because she only ever is given raw veggies to eat.

  4. He is funny,but it was a bit off when he said he had a maid called Ginger Curtis. (this is his mother).

  5. The father obviously loved his kids to bits and rightly or wrongly, deeply wanted them to be happy.

  6. It was a bit much I agree when he said he had a maid called Ginger. That was the only bit that got me worried, because the kids are obviously very loved and well cared for.

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