Ricky Martin and Adam Lambert

Why do celebrities suffer over their sexuality and feel they owe us an explanation? Adam Lambert definitely has the right idea.

What sort of a society are we that famous people feel they have to apologise to the public for hiding their sexuality?  Poor Ricky Martin, he must have been torn and suffered, because his advisers told him he must conceal the fact that he was gay, because it would affect his record sales.

Now he has come out, but he is practically apologising for his earlier concealment of the facts!  Why should that be, when it is absolutely none of the public’s business?  Recently in the UK, a famous rugby player has made a similar confession.  This player said he had concealed the fact that he was gay all his life, and had endured much pain because of it.

The tragic thing is everyone realised for ages that Ricky Martin was gay anyway.  He lived a secret life, through fear of what people would think and fear that the massive, more puritannical US record market would be affected if the truth came out.  He has probably suffered horribly and for what?

outrageous adorable Glambert

The last winner of American Idol 2009 was the outrageously talented Adam Lambert, nickname Glambert for his good looks and glam rock costumes.  Adam Lambert was a superstar from the moment he stepped onto the Idol stage and this season  seems dull and dreary in comparison.   He has a fantastic voice, huge stage charisma and a laid back, refreshingly open and honest manner.  Pretty soon, in spite of the warnings of his advisors, Adam dropped the info. that he was gay, no big deal.

To the fury of Simon Cowell, who thought he should have won, Adam came second in the competition, but he took defeat with the same relaxed charm and grace that he had shown throughout the show.  He then went on to absolutely trounce the record sales of the winner, Kris Allen,  outselling Kris’s album by two to one.

Glambert is unusually straightforward about his sexuality.  His costumes leave nothing to the imagination and during one routine, he leads a male and female dancer round the stage wearing dog leads.   In the AMA show, he stuck his tongue down the throat of his straight lead guitarist and was unabashed at the furore afterwards.

When quizzed on uptight US t.v. he shrugged laconically, and said he had been carried away by the moment.  He added if it was OK for women to kiss on t.v. (Madonna had famously snogged Brittany) he hadn’t realised it was taboo for a man. Frenzied US reporters canvassed rock stars like Rod Stewart for their opinions, and they all gave the same response.  “It’s rock ‘n roll, man!”

In spite of Adam Lambert’s honesty about being gay, he commands a massive  female following, (including me).   OK, he is a rock star and they get away with, indeed are expected to deliver,  behaviour that would not be acceptable from others in more mundane professions.  But he is breaking down prejudice.  Rock on Glambert!

nb. I was delighted to receive huge traffic for this blog.  One lovely lady says Adam did not come out,  he was open about everything from the word go.  I am delighted to make this correction for Marilyn.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Adam caught my interest from the start….his voice was just so much better than anyone else during his competition season; his style already that of a rock Star. It didn’t matter what he sang, everyone sat up and took notice. Like him or hate him, Adam was an electrifying presence. I ‘surmised’ he was probably gay early on…so what? It was merely another interesting fact about him. He was gorgeous and talented: with Elvis’ eyes, and amazing pipes. That’s what got my vote. More power to him for keeping it real from the beginning, and being so sweet and charming (perfect word for him) he earned the undying love of his fellow contestants.

  2. Love your article. One small correction if I may, Adam never ‘came out’ he was never in. That said, I agree with you completely. Adam embraces sexuality and by proxy is helping many people to once again love themselves for who they are. And when I say people, I mean people of all sexualities, race, age, religion all around the world. If people would concentrate on his message of love and peace this would be a better world indeed.

    • Marilyn, I am delighted to make a small correction at the bottom of the article in line with what you told me. x

  3. Adam was widely expected to win, but when he came second, he congratulated Kris so sincerely, he was so kind and gracious and well…… just great. And he is hugely talented, with a fantastic voice.

    Adam Lambert was a superstar from the moment he stepped on that stage. He is a fantastic person, a role model and I just love him.

    • Hi!,

      Great post =).

      I think when you are celebrity people somehow think that you own them any kind of explanation. For example, I´m tired of all these men apologizing to the public for being unfaithful. Well, go and apologize to your wife! Go and fix those problems at home, where they belong. What they do is just a public relations thing most of the time. And it´s really none of our bussiness anyway, BUT people want to know.

      In the Ricky Martin case, well it´s the same. There’s only one thing that worked against him and I think is this one: he not only avoided th question, he not only stayed silent, but he also tried (and sometimes hard) to make us believe he was heterosexual. The image of hmself that he promoted for years and years was very different from what he really is. For example, I remember he was once seen going out and holding hands and everything with some random model (it was about the time when the rumors started going strong), and even back then, people would just say it was all staged. And well, Ricky was in a tough situation, I understand it, but people dont like lies =/

      Of course, sometimes they just want you to come out to destroy you, and that’s not fair. So we should just not judge anyone that easily.

      Well, that’s my opinion. See you! =)

  4. Elizabeth, thank you to for writing in. You just have to look at his face, full of fun and warmth to know what he is like!

  5. Beautifully written piece. Adam was one of my favorites from last season’s American Idol.

    I don’t know what causes society to pry boxes open with celebrities’ sexualities. One reason, I think, is that there is a sense of pride among the LGBT community when they find out that someone in the public eye is one of them and they feel like they can sympathize and relate to them. Just my two cents.

    • Karen, thanks for your great post. I love all the replies I have received to my blog. Adam is a such a great guy, he was a star from the moment he stepped onto that Idol stage. He is breaking down barriers and deserves every ounce of success he receives, but he would say he was just being himself.

  6. Fantastic post ! It never occurred to me to question Adam’s sexuality or any persons for that matter. Talent is talent and he is hands down the most exciting and vocally gifted artist to come along in decades ,and an added bonus is that he is everything that is right in this world,a decent,kind loving human being !

  7. Enjoyed your blog. But Adam Lambert was runner-up of American Idol 2009, not the winner of 2008 (that was David Cook.) I know you know better because of what you said about Simon, but you did call Adam the winner first. 🙂

  8. Adam Lambert is amazing. I loved him when he was on Season 8, I can’t believe that Kris Allen won. He was sweet, but didn’t have much personality.

  9. If you add the charisma of all the contestants of Season 9 together, they still do not have half the charisma of Adam Lambert. He is electrifying.

  10. Maryann, of course, you are right! 2009 was last year’s Idol, I am off my bonce!

    Will correct my error, thanks so much for your help.

  11. ADAM is so blessed by GOD with everything you want in a man (wish the straight guys would take note). He is so special and makes you special. He’s got all physical attributes that is so attractive and sexy. ADAM is fiercely charismatic. But what makes one love him more is his kind heart and enlightened soul and the fact that he is so phenomenally talented and visually beautiful yet crowned with humility and graciousness.
    I am so astounded and so proud with ADAM’s graciousness in his sincere embrace of the winner which made me accept the unfairness of it all, for the sake of ADAM. He is happy and that made the big difference to me. And I love him even more.

  12. Haha, it’s interesting how we’ve segued from Ricky Martin’s big news to Adam Lambert, who came in 2nd on last year’s AI contest. Does anyone really remember Kris’ name except for his Ford commercials? While I too think he’s a very sweet guy with a most pleasant voice, it was Adam who emerged from that contest as an absolute Star. There was no other possible outcome. Then, of course – (self-described) religious people decided they couldn’t have a Gay, flamboyant (gasp!) nailpolish & makeup wearing male win over a youth Minister to become an American Idol! Why, that just might make being GAY acceptable to American Teenagers! What an unimaginable concept in their eyes! Does anyone else remember the packed stadium in Kris’ home State where Free phones were handed out (and instructions given on how to text thousands of votes in minutes) to supporters/friends of Kris for the last voting night? I do. Adam didn’t have a chance at that point. Kris’ friends even boasted about it. Small town, small minded America won. Kris himself knew it was a hollow victory and was embarrassed…. Pretty much said so to all who’d listen, until he was convinced by those around him to stop. So Adam didn’t win the top prize, but he came out head and shoulders above by his grace, sweetness and humility. He was genuinely happy for his friend. Now his CD has sold more than 2 to 1x that of the winner. I feel badly for Kris, but Karma has a way of righting wrongs – (sometimes we have a wee bit of a hand in it too). 🙂 While my 50 paltry votes couldn’t stand against a thousand texts – my money sure can, and I’m the one who’ll keep artists like Adam supported. As for Ricky, I’m quite sad he suffered for years having to live a life under cover and am happy he can now be himself. It must be an enormous relief, despite any fall-out.

  13. Angel, I agree, the way he responded when Kris won – not a hint of bitterness, he put his arms round Kris and gave him a huge warm hug. “I am so happy for you” he said and you could see it was genuine He has got a kind heart, he was so encouraging to Alison, like her big brother when people criticised her.

  14. But Elizabeth, I agree with you about Ricky, I do feel for him. To have to live a lie must have been hell. He doesn’t owe anyone an explanation, but I hope he is more at peace with himself, because he is one hell of an entertainer.

  15. As a huge fan of Adam’s the one thing that I love about him is his outright honesty. He never tried to conceal the fact he was gay he just chose not to address it during the competition because it would take away from singing. He was absolutely right. In a day and age where there are many gay people in show business it should not be a big deal that Adam is gay. He is a person then a singer and entertainer. Even after all this time there are still media people who still refer to him as Gay singer Adam Lambert. How aout changing that to Singing Sensation Adam Lambert or soon to be World Icon Adam Lambert. His being gay is only a mere smidgin of who he is. He is a lovely,humble, ingratiating,hilarious and uber talented young man who has the music world abuzz with his amazing voice and ability to change up every performance he does. For the record I don’t care in the slightest that Adam prefers men for partners and nobody else should either but sadly there are some closed minded individuals who chose to be nasty regarding him just because he prefers men. Times they are a changing and I think Adam is a young man who is helping those times change by being a lovely,positive light in a difficlt world.

  16. Pam, I love his honesty too. He just gets on with being who he is, and being an amazing singer and performer, and he is so cool with that, let’s hope that it makes life better for people who are gay who are a lot shyer than he is, and who suffer because they worry about prejudice. For me, the worst thing in life is to hurt other people. These judgmental people are deeply hurting others, simply through their lack of understanding.

  17. And to add to the fact that Adam is fiercely good looking and ridiculously talented, he is also inspiring. His legions of fans have come to be more and love more just because of his example.

  18. Couldn’t agree more with the article and with what’s been posted. Adam Lambert is the most talented entertainer to come our way in a very long time. It’s difficult to predict his future. The music business has changed to much since I was a teenager or young adult. The internet has really changed the way people buy (or steal) music. The changes in the last five years alone are astonishing. But this I know for sure. Adam Lambert can sing. He doesn’t need auto tune, he certainly doesn’t need to lip synch. He is the real deal. Actually if you put his voice up against the icons – Elvis, Madonna, Michael Jackson, the Beatles, the Stones, etc – Adam can sing rings around them all. Time will tell if he achieves the same level of success and recognition. I sure hope he does! He derserves it.

  19. well put! it sad for Ricky and others before him but its the same for people in real life too, still. Its slowly changing and I think Adam will impact that althought that was never his goal. But there will be a time when we look back at 2009 and see it as a time of change. Adam got me hooked with his voice but I have fallen for him due to his personality and his bravery and honesty are a big reason why. After living through a decade when the tone of our country was shut up and go along, dont speak out or you’ll get hammered its refreshing to see artists willing to defy that and that is one reason Gaga is so popular now, finally someone different after a decade of copy cat mold people. Adam is also a breath of fresh air, even though I didn’t like the AMA performance I was glad he didn’t bow to the pressure to do a weepy beginning for forgiveness media tour ala kanye or mayer, enough PC BS already, say it, do it, own it, move on.

    He’s taken an enormous amount of BS and kept a smile on his face, I don’t know how but good for him. One day people will actually get over the whole OMG he’s still gay thing and it wont be an issue and we can just focus on him, in all his sexy talented glory.

  20. Lauriellen, Peachie Marie, Lisa W., what great comments. Adam is inspiring, he is super talented and I firmly believe he will be one of the greats.

  21. Thank you so much for this wonderful article. Adam Lambert is more than an idol; he is on his way to becoming a World Wide Star! He is insanely talented, charismatic, articulate and gracious. He is the ultimate alpha male who gets the girl to sing with him, competes fiercely to win the contest, and strategizes world domination. Men like him are what happens when evolution in society occurs. But instead of getting articles about his mind-blowing acoustic sets, possibly the best to come along in decades, we hear about codpieces, kissing Kesha, eyeliner, gay this and gay that. What about the talent? No, in this country at least, he is treated as a novelty. His two singles, WWFM and FYE are in the top five in many different countries around the world from Turkey to Egypt to Japan, but not here. I dont think the faux winner, Mr. Allen, can claim any of that. Let’s hope that sooner or later our country will embrace him for the national treasure that he is. In the meantime, he’s got a fiercely loyal fan base who will support him and see him for what he is….one of the most talented artists ever to come around in decades.

    • Cookie, I am a bit shocked at the things you tell me – that journalists report on things like codpieces and eye liner. I think this is what Ricky Martin was scared of, being an oddity, being criticised because he was gay. Maybe in the UK, people are more accepting, but from the comments I have received,I hope the US is on its way and there is a more tolerant attitude. Adam has got a super loyal fan base, who love his talent, and that definitely includes me. From his first appearance, I thought WOW, what a huge talent! I’m appalled at people who sneer or make fun of gay people, How ignorant can you get?

  22. Nice Article, just one point I would like to throw your way, Clay and Ricky deceived folks for years, all for the money. Adam honest as the day is long took a lot of backlash, because of being honest…What is wrong with the USA? lies are rewarded, honesty is not excepted. I am confused. Just for the record I enjoyed the AMA
    performance, vocals were off, but the show was great.

  23. I know. I enjoyed the AMA performance too.

    It isn’t just the US, lies are rewarded all over the world, but the thing is, people know the difference. Adam is the real deal. I salute him.

  24. TedU ….the comment ‘just for the money’ is exactly WHY someone gay in the entertainment industry was many times forced to remain closeted. It wasn’t ALL about ‘the money’, but a whole lot about having any kind of career and about personal safety as well, or you don’t know what gay men risk when they come out here in the US…especially entertainers. Their lives can be put at major risk even without the media ridicule. A friend of mine is an openly gay band leader. The rest of the band is straight. He makes no secret of it..but is forced to downplay his onstage ‘patter’ in certain towns on his road tours precisely because he doesn’t want to end up like Mathew Shepherd. He’s been stalked, harrassed, threatened, heckled…you can’t possibly know that kind of fear unless you’ve walked in his shoes. We who are his friends tell him we have his back and we mean it..but we can’t always be there and he knows there could always be that one unguarded moment when someone can do him real physical harm. Many in America have regressed not progressed on this issue…right-wing christian whackos think they own this country and no one else has a right to simply be. Adam lives in LA …in a very progressive community, and I give him all the kudos in the world for never allowing the haters to knock him down and for simply enjoying being who he is, braving any of the slings and arrows..but let’s not attack those who came up earlier and couldn’t be open for whatever reason. It goes back to one’s sexuality and privacy being paramount. No one should ever ‘have’ to talk about it. It should be a non-issue. Period.

  25. Gosh, that is appalling. Our Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is a strong supporter of gay rights. He would never allow such behaviour to be tolerated in London, there are legal penalties for homophobic behaviour. Another thing that shocks me is why do these bigots think they have the right to pry into peoples’ private lives and judge them?
    What happened to “Judge not lest ye shall be judged”?

    I saw the movie Milk (I preferred the film of the real Harvey Milk, he was such a brave, kind man) and I thought that sort of anti-gay behaviour was in the past. It’s terrible if people are still persecuting gay people in the US. As you say, what about privacy? You mention right wing Christian wackos. Surely the worst thing in the world is to hurt other people? Don’t they ever think of that? How is this Christian behaviour? Really really terrible.

    Ted, I meant to add that Clay Aitken is not and will never be as successful and popular as Adam Lambert.

  26. Adam Lambert is such a good singer and such a sweet guy.

  27. This is very sad. Like angelnstar, I also did not realise that there was still such a negative attitude to gay people in the US.

  28. Adam’s name came up at a family gathering about a month ago. “Ew!” “I hate gay people!” “Why do they have to FLAUNT it!” etc etc. I live in a small city in middle America, folks, and these are the attitudes you encounter frequently, I’m sorry to say. It’s taken months to get Cumulus Broadcasting stations to play Adam (that’s the outfit that blacklisted the Dixie Chicks for a single comment against George Bush a few years back). His song just made the top 20 on Billboard; I believe it would have been a top 10 hit sooner had it been released by Kris Allen, the straight, married, Christian winner of Idol. I’m actually surprised Adam has been able to be as successful as he has been, given prejudicial attitudes held by too many in this country.

  29. Marie, rock and roll is all about flaunting it and pushing back sexual barriers. On the other hand, you could argue that straight people flaunt it. it is commonplace to see two straight people kissing, in public and in movies.

    I was a in book store the other day and I saw two young guys who were obviously in love. They had that special glow, and they were holding hands. I just want people to feel free to be what they are. I have seen pictures of Adam kissing his man and i just do not see anything wrong in that.

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  31. Love your article. Right on. Everything about Adam is love. It’s just a shame that he — and we — have to put up with the haters. I find them increasingly pathetic.

  32. I think a lot of conservative American’s voted against Adam. They didn’t vote for Kris. That much is obvious since Kris’s record sales are so poor. Couple that with the fact Kris is a Southern boy there was no chance for Adam. Demographically speaking the majority of the viewers of American Idol are conservative, from Southern states and are older. The fact that an obviously gay may got as far as he did with that viewing audience speaks volumes for his talent. I adore Adam Lambert for his unfiltered mouth, his honesty, frankness and his immense talent. I adore the fact that he makes no apologies. He loves to play dress-up and tells everyone he loves to play dress-up. I just adore this man. Him and I are roughly the same age. He is a couple of years older and he is just the type of personality I keep within my close circle of friends.

  33. Nice article! Just another factual correction. Adam has said the Idol PR people and his management never advised him to hide his homosexuality. They told him they would support him in whatever he chose to do.

  34. Hi juneauxena! I have read several articles saying that initially the Idol people advised Adam that it would affect his popularity if he said he was gay, but he just went ahead and was straightforward about it.

    They then supported his decision, which is great.

  35. Teta and Lila, thank you so much for replying. I don’t know what is troubling anyone who hates gay people.

    By being himself, Adam is making things easier for gay people who are not as extrovert as he is.

  36. @angelneptustar I love you for the article! lmao. poor ricky martin. shouldve said it earlier so that people would accept him better like adam.

    Great comment from twitter from @ShesLealy

    @angelneptustar It is all wrong. I’m from the east coast of US The “blue” zone or more liberal zone. Never realized how bad some of US was.

    Great comment also from @Lindajean.

  37. @angelneptustar was reading ur blog.. wow. . . u wrote it clear. . . i.e adam lambert and ricky martin. sorry for the late reply.

    And on twitter from @aplusk_fan.

  38. I hope the world sees the great talent Adam is. I know some countries will be more excepting then others. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someday people could just be themselves. Poor Ricky. All these years having to hide who he is and made to feel shame for who he is. Adam Lambert was blessed with a very supportive family who taught him to be proud of who is. The sad part is there are a lot of people who feel Adam and Ricky should feel shame. I read artilces and the hateful comments that make there way to the bottom of these articles are disgusting.

  39. Linda, thank you so much for leaving a comment. I didn’t know that, about Adam’s family. How lovely, that must be why he is so relaxed and laid back and self accepting.

    I am so appalled at what people tell me about bigots who think Adam and Ricky should feel shame. Love is love, whatever sex you are. How dare these people make nasty comments, I have read a few other blogs since I wrote my blog and it made my blood boil that these ignorant, uptight idiots dare to dictate what is right and wrong. Some of them bring God into it, too!

    I agree with you, poor Ricky and my heart bleeds for all the other people who have had to endure insults and nasty comments, and had their lives made miserable.

    I can be a bit fiery tempered, if I hear of anyone being picked on, I want to give the bullies a good slap! I don’t do it, but I usually give the bigots a huge telling off. Adam Lambert is a beautiful person. He is amazing and his fans will just band together even more strongly to protect him and anyone else unfairly treated.

    ps. Glad to see Adam’s album is selling well…..

  40. I’m with you on that. Some of the comments made are disgusting. But these people have to live with themselves. I feel nothing but pity for them. Can you imagine having to go through life with such a small mind? Adam’s mother accompanies him on a lot of his concerts and tv appearances as well as his dad. Adam’s family knew he was gay from early on. His mom and dad asked a family friend who was gay if they should speak to Adam about it. The family friend so no, let Adam come to them. One night when Adam was around 18 him and his mom went to a show. The actors basically did monologues. One did a monologue as a deceased teenager who had killed themself because he had come out to his parents and his parents reacted negatively. Adam said all the way home his mom was acting upset. Finally she pulled over and asked him if he had a girlfriend he said no. She asked him if he would like a girlfriend. He said he didn’t know. She asked him if he would like a boyfriend and he said that would be nice. He said the floodgates opened and they stayed up all night talking. He also cited another instance of his dad catching him looking at gay porn when he was young. Instead of reacting negatively his dad sat down with him and showed him how to clear the web browser history and cookies so his brother wouldn’t have any ammunition against him. Adam and his brother were early teen and pre-teen at that point and fighting like cats & dogs as brothers usually do at that age. Adam said he never forgot how his father reacted. His father was cool with it and did not make Adam feel like he was doing anything wrong.

  41. Oh that is so sweet! That is real love, loving people as they are, and not trying to make them over.

    I have often wondered where Adam gets his strength and his cool, calm laid back confidence from. Obviously the love of his parents gave him that. I am so glad you told me that, it is so nice.

    And he is REALLY talented.

  42. ps. You are very right to feel sorry for people who are nasty to gay people. At the root of it is fear, fear of what they don’t understand, or even maybe of what they are repressing, like the guy who shot Harvey Milk.

    But my heart breaks for young kids whose parents don’t understand and don’t show them the acceptance that Adam’s parents did, their lives must be so painful.

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  44. Sorry, but Adam did NOT win American Idol, though we often forget that fact! LOL

  45. theresa, my blog says Adam came second. Great to hear from you from Canada though.

  46. Adam Lambert is a terrific performer and singer.

  47. Lovely article, thank you! I am sick to death of the vicious homophobia I have seen displayed on U.S. TV and internet towards Adam Lambert. Christianity, I’m through with you! “Judge not lest ye be judged” and “of all the commandments, the greatest one is love” is now ancient philosophy ground under the heel of public U.S. opinion. Soon we’ll be back to public stoning.

  48. I agree totally. Lay off Adam! If they don’t like his stage show, and think he is too outrageous, don’t buy a ticket. Adam is a rocker!

  49. Funny the people that are prejudice have made up their minds about Adam. There is a whole group of people though that don’t really like his “non-rock” album (but are okay with the glitz and glam) and haven’t decided if they are fans or (for some) going to stay fans until they see what the next album brings. I personally can’t get over his voice and will listen to him sing ANYTHING! ! He is interestingly enough, more rock in concert with his band (at Indio especially) so it is a strange world that Adam finds himself trying to build a career in. In my opinion the man is beautiful inside and out and has a voice that rocks my world. I will stay a fan regardless, but a lot of people seem to want to see this man do a rock album.

    • Adam Lambert is a superstar. He also made the list of most beautiful people recently. He is beautiful inside and out, because he is honest and truthful, and kind and compassionate to others. I wish other people showed him the same qualities.
      ps. I love it when he rocks out, I must admit! When he sang with KISS, I rocked out!

  50. I’ve had this crazy feeling since “discovering” Adam (along with so many others), and following the phenomenon that is everything-Adam: his amazing talent and the maturity and charisma that go along with that, the “controversies” that have followed him, the growing fanbase that has supported him, the interest of the public and media in anything connected with him ~ and, most significantly, the dialogue that has been generated with regard to homosexuality — Not just HIS, but homosexuality in general. The time for this dialogue was (over)due, and this man, who encompasses so many good qualities, has become the natural -although reluctant- “poster boy” for gays.

    Well, there couldn’t be a better representative, and there couldn’t be a better time, and the “crazy feeling” I’ve had remains — that the music he makes is not the only imprint he will make — but that the issue of homosexuality, with all its intricacies, is going to be affected in some way, thanks in some part to a talented, charismatic, phenomenal young man, who happens to be gay, and who conducts his life with grace and confidence that are worthy of being emulated.

  51. You might be right.

  52. It always upset me when Adam lost because there was no doubt that he is by far more talented than the “winner”. Many people, including me, thought Adam lost because he was gay and people did not vote for him. Then I read the book “Adam Lambert. Second to None” and I changed my mind. The writer shows the marketing research that proves Adam was more popular in 49 states. She then documents what they did in Arkansas with the help of AT&T and FOX 16. Adam did not lose because he is gay Adam lost because Arkansas cheated. The book explains why this knowledge is important for the LGBT community. Why should we believe that America couldn’t choose a gay American Idol when that is false? We chose one and one little state took that win from the whole US. I am glad that it is being exposed so people like Adam and Rickey can live honestly and not fear that their country will reject them.

    • That is absolutely appalling. Never mind, he is doing so much better than Kris Allen. I was looking at some Japanese websites and they absolutely adore him. It’s not always the best thing to win Idol anyway – look at Taylor Hicks and Chris Daughtrey. The laid back, generous way that Adam took defeat was one of the things I most liked about him, there is a lot of bigotry in the world, but there are also a lot of lovely people.

      I just don’t get it. All the gay men I know are so kind and lovely. They are far more understanding and kind than many straight men. But ERBurt, Adam looks pretty happy whenever I see pics. of him! I think he is enjoying life and I am glad.

  53. I’m a fan of Adam’s because of his voice. And because he likes glam. I do, as well — I hadn’t realized it, but I’ve missed folks like Cyndi lauper, Boy george, and the like. When I found out that Adam was gay, I was rather puzzled as to why this was news. It simply hadn’t occured to me that he was gay. I simply could not compute the ‘importance’ of whom he sleeps with.

    I like this guy. I look up to this guy because he is so open, so unfiltered, so undiluted.

    This man is who I want to be when I grow up.

    And I say this as a 34 year old woman.

    • A really great post. thank you! Apparently Adam is going to be on American Idol next week, singing and as a mentor. I can’t wait.

  54. Sharing your hands good health. We expect more

  55. Let’s not ignore the FACTS:

    * Adam waited for American Idol to be over before he came out.

    * Ricky’s Latin public is more homophobic than Adam’s. Coming out 10 years ago was harder than now.

    * Ricky announced his gayness in 2008, when he become a father.

    • Tina it is totally not my intention to criticise either of these two brilliant entertainers. My point is it is absolutely nobody’s business to judge other people, nor do gay people owe anyone an explanation about anything. I feel so sorry for anyone who suffers over their sexuality, it is unnecessary and cruelty on behalf on the people blaming them.

      I am full of sympathy for Ricky Martin. He is a singer and entertainer, his private life is his own business.

      As for Adam, many of the US fans have made it clear that he said he was gay, as though it was no big deal, which it is not, early on in the AI series. It doesn’t matter to me when either of them came out. I just think it wrong for others to condemn them, judge them or cause them pain. I would hate to do that to anyone.

      If you thought I intended for a second to criticise Ricky Martin, that is so wrong, but please accept my apology anyway if I upset you.

  56. In the light of the very recent David Laws affair, it is pretty clear that gay rights ARE a huge issue.


  58. porque los hombres mas simpaticos tienen que ser maricones!!!!!!!! porque!!!

  59. we looooove you adam CUZ you rock!!!
    we’d loooove to make you listen to our music
    rock ON!!!!!

  60. Hi !!!!!!!
    I love you my sexi boy

    • Adam Lambert is so appealing. I love him too and I am female and old enough to be his mum. But he is such a precious, exceptional person.

  61. JE T’aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime adam Lambeeeeeeeeert

  62. I am touched and overwhelmed at the tremendous response I have received to this article. Even though it was written months ago, I get more than a hundred clicks on this article every day, and there have been over 70 replies.

    It just goes to show what an important issue gay rights is and how deeply both straight and gay people feel about the reactions received by people like Adam Lambert and Rickie Martin throughout the world. Keep contacting me…….

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  64. I have followed Adam since AI, and I think he is the most talented performer to grace a stage since Freddy Mercury or Michael Jackson. I am old enough to be his mother and I simply love his music and his glam way.
    Go for it all Adam…you deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Adam is an amazing performer, and also a kind, lovely person. I am a huge fan. (ps. I’m old enough to be his mother too…. so waht?)

  65. This blog shows what an important issue gay rights is.

  66. i really lyk ur style

  67. i love you adam

  68. i love you adam lambert!!! i hope i meet you one of this day…

  69. Adam Lambert was in the closet during American Idol.

    He knew that being out won’t help so he waited with coming out because business is business.

  70. Hello from Canada, I LOVE Adam Lambert so much for all his attributes. I listen to him every day on the bus on the way to work and when I am going home. I love his videos too. More power to Adam and Ricky for being who they are and not be ashamed or feeling that they have to hide. My sister hid for 40 years and when she told me I just hugged her and said I already knew.

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